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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Reviews

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I've had a good experience for the most part at Stoneman Douglas. The classes I've taken so far are good, with both Honors and AP classes being the appropriate amount of challenging. I would like to see more clubs and events for minority students though, as the school is predominantly white.
The school is very nice and clean, majority of the teachers are very kind and helpful.

My only problem with the school is the staff. The employees at the front office have a habit of talking and gossiping about the students and families in front of anyone.

One time when my dad came to pick me and my brother up early for an appointment, nobody was able to find my brother and I couldn’t get ahold of him through our phones (he was taking a test in another class room) and the front office didn’t do anything about it. My dad and I waited for 20 minutes with anyone showing any concern for my brother or his safety.

Needless to say, I was not happy and avoid those staff members at all costs.
Good school socially, there are many extracurriculars there. The academics are strong and competitive.
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Great experience. Though we had our struggles and tragedy, there was tremendous school spirit and pride. I developed amazing friendships that will last for years, and the strong focus on education helped me get into one of my dream colleges!
Douglas is undoubtedly one of the best public schools in all of Florida in terms both academics and extracurriculars. The teachers of many of the higher level classes are passionate about their subject area and are happy to be teaching. Furthermore, there is an excellent support system for students that need home-related, academic or emotional help.
My experience at Stoneman Douglas was rough considering that I went through a school shooting but the faculty and staff made me feel at home and secure even in my darkest times.
My experience at Marjory Stoneman Douglas has definitely been out of this world and will, without a doubt, be unforgettable. Going into high school was a frightening experience for me, especially because I did not attend the middle school that fed into it meaning that I did not know a lot of people. Thankfully, as a cross country runner, I had met the team prior to beginning high school so I was going into school knowing a handful of students. The first day that I arrived at practice, was the first of many significant dates that would forever change my life. The coaches and the runners were all so welcoming, and were also very helpful when it came to getting advice about classes and tips for high school. Not only did I have a very successful cross country and track season, but I also made friends who have stuck with me since. However, sports is just a small part of what makes Stoneman Douglas great. There's amazing staff and endless extracurriculars and opportunities!
I loved the teacher availability at this school, they always had time to explain something or start a study group, and had great attitudes. There were a lot of resources available to us, and great, diverse electives. The school was well funded and taken care of, very clean. There were a lot of out reach events and many businesses and services that reached out and helped out our student body, or held events for us. There were many groups and clubs, the parents and students were both heavily involved, and our school events were great, especially our football games.
I graduated from MSD 2 years ago. Even though we went throughout a school shooting that change my life forever and that I went there just for two years I really love and miss my school, but I miss the school that I meet in my junior year because when I graduated in 2018 it wasn't the same, it wasn't my school. I'm extremely happy and grateful to study there because I had THE BEST ESOL TEACHER IN THE WORLD. Everyone there it's nice and helpful, with its exceptions. Thank you for every teacher that I had and no matter what I went through I would always be proud to be an eagle. Thank you MSD for all thoseunforgettable experiences.
I loved it ! They made me feel like family. Even after the shooting, we became all one and together. The teachers and staff made us as the students feel as safe as ever with more security and reassurance all the time. We had service and emotional support dogs on campus to help us feel safer and have someone to talk to anytime of the day.
My experience has been very unique. many situations caused my school to not be the same for the worse. Many things have changed and not for the better. WE have many problems at our school. The new administration just doesn't understand why some kids don't act appropriately. The on thing that should change is lunch and higher security.
I have fond memories of my 4 years at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Memories of lasting friendships, unmatched professionalism from educators, and fierce leadership that you couldn't help but succeed.
Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS is a great school for academics. Highly competitive students, teachers who push students to do their best. However, some teachers do not. I would say some teachers can improve on how they teach, to challenge students more and to help students grow and learn to enjoy getting an education.
As a student at the school, I feel it benefited from having a staff comprised of teachers who are passionate about the subject material that they teach. I also feel that the English and History departments are particularly strong. The Science department is fine. The Math department is lacking. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has many after school clubs and many elective options, which is a strength of the school.
Its a very pretty school and it is safe. The bathrooms need major remolding and wish there was more school spirt and school events. Overall okay.
Marjory Stoneman Douglas was a great school. The teachers were dedicated to each and every student. I will cherish the memories I have gained for the rest of my life.
I really love the teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas since they are unique and easy to connect to. Lots of different classes offered as well as clubs and volunteering opportunities.
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I like that Douglas is a big school and that there are many students from various nationalities who attend. A lot of the teachers are good at what they do, and you can tell that they only want the best for each student. The campus is usually somewhat clean, although every now and then, there are issues with the bathrooms and cleanliness of the school. I also like that Douglas has various events throughout the year, that you can participate in, and there are numerous clubs you can join. Stoneman Douglas is not perfect, but it definitely a great school.
The academic choices are very good, along with the teachers, but there are always exceptions. There is a large variety of student-run clubs from Coding Club to Psychology Club. The school is like a family even though it has a large population, probably because of the tragedy that brought people together. The sports are very good and the resources are too. There is a large parent involvement in music programs like band and Robotics. The diversity is and overall college readiness are excellent, with an option for trade school. Science, technology and math are exceptional with Coding Club, Robotics, Mu Alpha Theta, National Technical Honor Society and other clubs, as well as computer science electives are offered up to AP Computer Science A, and engineering classes up to Engineering 5. The food and facilities are poor, with the restrooms often not having working sinks and and often being closed, and the food is not good. The administration was changed, and is not received well.
Was a great school for my freshman and sophomore year loved being there had lots of friends and people that were there for me however after feb 14 this school has changed dramatically fences drills code words security and cops everywhere restrooms being guarded I miss this school and how it used to be I hope it gets better by the time my lil brother and sister get here
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