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Going to Marist has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, don't get me wrong. The classes are challenging, and the teachers are great. I love the energy we bring as the Marist Fam, especially at football games. However, there needs to be a change regarding race relations and treatment of LGBT+ people.
Academically rigorous. A great college-prep high school. Lots of school spirit. Diverse options of athletics, classes, and activities.
Academics and athletics are definitely the aspects of this school's highest priority. Communication between school and parents/students is at times atrocious. Obvious deep flaws in social acceptance and prejudice . Described by teachers, alumni, and current students as a overly stressful schooling environment with many rigorous pressures on those attending. Only reason I've rated this school so high is due to it's academics and wealth of resources for college readiness/preparation. The school has much space to grow in the field of the arts, although there is not much encouragement to participate when compared to athletic teams (resources for the arts are also scant).
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While there were many good teachers there, the school tried too hard to be "progressive," while the result was becoming less Catholic.
I loved Marist! I would like to see better race relations, lenient dress code, and more acceptance of all students regardless of background, beliefs, sexuality, and identity
The school does a poor job of fostering an inclusive space for minority students and actively gaslights them instead of holding prejudiced agitators accountable.
Racial discrimination at an all time high. Students are not getting disciplined for their bigotry. Students using discriminatory language and heard by teachers and nothing is being done. This is the norm of this school. According to the below ratings, my family is not the only ones who has experienced this behavior.
Marist's academics definitely push you. They can be extremely difficult and time consuming, but ultimately are beneficial in time management skills and college readiness. However, the social aspect of Marist can be extremely negative. My grade was very cliquey and non-inclusive and I experienced a lot of social anxiety. Once I found my people, I enjoyed Marist, but until then it was quite challenging to feel like I had a place.
Its a good school but very stressful. However, there is a lot of support and very caring teachers and faculty.
Marist is an overall good school with helpful counselors, teachers, and other resources to help prepare its students for college.
I came to Marist as a freshman and have had an awesome 4-year experience. I would recommend Marist to any student who wants to be successful in college and after. Marist is a very challenging school, but it is easily manageable and fun.
Marist is a very private, catholic, and rigorous college preparatory school. I attended all 6 years (7-12) and I do appreciate the great education I am getting, the teachers are truly the best in their field, and they care much about their students. However, the student body at Marist is deteriorating due to its ignorant, racist, and naive teenagers who do not want to accept differences and welcome change. Instead, disturbing actions from my peers led me to be ashamed to attend Marist, especially being a minority at that school. It saddens me to know people I surround myself can talk and view me in such a different light. I hope they can improve their student body's attitude to race and being the true, loving catholic schoolkids they claim to be.
I believe that Marist is a great school. However, there is a racial barrier. This Catholic institution likes to avoid their problems by hiding it under a bush. The social aspect of this school is extremely cliquish and selfish. The teachers at Marist, for the most part, they are extremely.
The curriculum is phenomenal! The number of elective courses (from financial management to sports broadcasting) is much more than we could imagine. Our son entered Marist in the 7th grade and will graduate in May 2021. He is more than ready to move on and excel at a top-tier university!
Marist prides itself in preparing your child for the future and creates well rounded, intelligent individuals throughout your time there. Although it's had issues in the recent past concerning diversity and inclusion, the administration is working to de-stigmatize topics such as race, sexuality, and gender in the classroom and during assemblies. At times, the Marist community can seem toxic and small minded, but with strong academic counselors and rigorous courses, Marist is a great place to prepare your child for success in the real world.
Marist was an amazing school that fully prepared me for college. I owe Marist for shaping me into who I am today.
Marist teachers are the most supportive, well-educated, and devoted that I have ever come across. I have never had a teacher here who didn't constantly strive to support me in my interests and help me develop into a well-rounded adult.
The academics are very rigorous, and the atmosphere is definitely competitive, but students come out the other side more prepared for college. Where Marist really falls flat is in diversity. Racial tensions are high among students, and LGBT+ peers often face slurs and hurtful rhetoric. With that being said, the administration and faculty are passionate about encouraging honest and empathetic discussion about these issues and changing the environment for the better.
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Great school with great academics. The environment is perfect for allowing children to grow as individuals and concentrate on academics
I loved my experience at this school. Great christian environment and great academics! This school makes such great students!
not enough diversity and inclusion, hard to fit in for minority students, administration would rather please parents than care for the safety and inclusion of minority students, sports seem to have a higher standing than academics
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