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Marine Leadership Academy prepares leaders in mind, body, and character for success in college, career and a life of service within the global community through an education that values honor, courage, and commitment. They teach you how to be a leader and be confident when projecting your voice to others.
Marine leadership academy helps form students into better citizens. This school will teach you so much like French, Spanish and Chinese. I think this school is the best overall and you should want to send your kids there one day.
In my time at Marine, it has taught me so much. I have met so many great people that have impacted my life, and have made me become a better person.
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Marine Leadership Academy makes you a responsible adults, it shows you how to work as a team, and makes you see how it feels to be in a position and how to be in charge.
Marine Leadership Academy takes pride in a lot of it's accomplishments, but the school isn't as great as it seems. We have very dedicated students, yet have to put up with innapropriate teachers, manipulative staff and an unjust system. At MLA students are able to get away with too much and invest 4 years of their life in a learning environment that doesn't prepare them for college or the work force.
My experience at this school has been great. You meet new people, learn more stuff than at a regular school. I would tell other people to come to this school.
Marine Leadership Academy. The name itself implies that there is a great deal of responsibility for every student in attendance. The military side of the school allows for students to develop discipline and character through experience. We are known to be a student run school. This means that we are given many opportunities to learn how to manage a position of authority, thus providing us with useful life skills. Aside from my previous statements, Marine Leadership Academy could use improvements in certain aspects. Due to our location we do not have many resources at hands reach. Which is why I have been on a quest for post-secondary guidance; I will forever take advantage of the endless opportunities that will arise.
The help of military personnel was ideal as they help shape up young adults into more of having initiative. Young leaders aspiring to do better and become self aware of others. Wanting to work on self improvement not only academic wise but character wise as well. Students are put into specific jobs and they have to be responsible of that; therefore, it creates some source of responsibility. Some of the changes I would make are academically have a well structurized grading system that is fair and challenging. The grading system is a poor choice as anyone can receive a D by just breathing. It needs to hold students accountable that they should want to work to get a decent enough grade.
My experience at Marine Leadership Academy is very good. I am able to get the resources I need and am able to ask questions and get answers. Something I would like to change is the availability of the staff at times.
Marine Leadership Academy is a great environment for anyone who wants to invest into themselves and build character. There are countless opportunities to push yourself and the support by teachers is tremendous. The only issue is the students being negative, but because the school is ran by the students, they motivate each other to be better.
Something I like about MLA is that students are set up in small classes, which means that students get more help from teachers if they are having any difficulties with assignments.
Something I dislike about the food. Students are getting tired of getting pizza every Monday and sometimes food has a small types of mosquitos.
The school is small which makes social circles very small too. Administration seems to lack interest in students sometimes. Leadership skills, basic values, customs, and curiosities are well taught.
I am currently a Senior at Marine Leadership Academy and honestly, I would rank the school system as poor. Yes, I understand that it is a military school and we have to follow discipline as followed but the school system needs to be improved. Other than that, it is a good school regarding academics.
What I like about this school is it’s spirit. This school cares a lot about it’s students and it’s staff. MLA gives great opportunity to people and makes them better. One thing I would change though, is the school lunch. Besides that, this is a fine school.
My experience at Marine Leadership Academy was a huge success. All 4 years that I attended this Highschool along with academics I was also taught Honor, Courage, and Commitment. To also put my subordinates first than me in any situation. Working with retired Marines is a huge help because they teach you the greatness about life. There is nothing I would Change.
Overall is a pretty good school. I would definitely recommend this school to other people, the only this this school needs to improve on is administration.
I really enjoyed my time there due to the teachers always being there for support not just on their subject but also for other subjects that you might be struggling in.
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I am going to be a junior this year and I have been a student there since 7th grade. This will be my 5th year there and I love it. The instructors might be harsh but that’s bdcause they want the best from you and they expect a lot from you. I love it so much.
Its a good school, better than the competition, great learning climate, great community, top teachers in the country, USMC ROTC helps students with discipline, should be one of the top middle/high schools in the world.
As a Sophomore in Marine Leadership Academy as well as my second year in the academy my experience so far has been genuinely good because I have been engaged in a few clubs here and there. For example this year I had gone out to South Dakota to represent Marine Leadership Academy. By doing so our instructor had announced that he need people who are interested in signing up to do the YPFT (Youth Physical Fitness Test) for the drill team. Which is also a club that is available in our school. As my first time going to a competition in a different state it was a very new experience. That being said Marine Leadership Academy has so much to offer for the students, not only that but there are also some programs that are held within our school during off-school hours where it can also benefit the parent or guardian of a child that comes to Marine Leadership Academy. There are simply to many things that are beneficial for the people as well as for future leaders being made in the academy.
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