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Marina High School is known to be a very much diverse community in the Monterey Peninsula District. Although it used to be an elementary school, this school upheld to a high school standard and have evolved since. From having students all over different ethnicities and backgrounds, the school has many cultures to celebrate. As for education, though it may not be as high fashion as in movies, the administrators and teachers don't fail to do their duties. Students learn and graduate at a high rate.
School is completely useless when it comes to competent internet rules. They also got rid of Ms. Taylor who was hands-down the best teacher at this school
My experience at Marina High School has overall been very beneficent. A small community that truly looks out for their own. We are a developing school, but besides that, the school itself is comforting, clean, safe, and more. This school focuses on college readiness and motivates all scholars and family members to get involved in preparing for college.
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I would like to see more programs that would actually prepare us for adulthood. Also, teachers that are passionate about their jobs and want to help the students learn.
The thing I like about Marina High is AVID that class is useful for college readiness. But my experience there is overall okay.
I like that marina high school was small, so the student to teacher ratio was great. But the school was not developed fully into a high school yet. It lacked a gym, field, and lockers
I like that it's a smaller school which means that you do end up knowing and forming a close connection with people since you see them often. I would like for the district to direct some money to Marina High since it is a newer school, it deserves to become great.
The teachers care about there students and do everything they can to help this low-income community grow for the better. They don't offer as much college assistance as other schools in the district which is why it's lacking a star and because it's a newer school to its district it's still growing and changing regularly.
What I enjoyed about Marina High School from my 4 years attending was the diverse community. Everyone here is different in their own way, and we all supported and respected one another. This is something that interests me as I believe that everyone should be treated equally. One thing that I think should change is how small our school is, only about 600 students attend, I think there should be more, therefore, making our school larger.
This is a small school and campus. They have limited opportunities but you get your general education.
I love how in marina high you can feel safe and not have to worry about any bullies. Also I love how the school is small and not to big, I'm able to see everyone I know around the school.
It is a great school, but just need a suitable campus and more students to help fund the school to improve. Other than that, much can be done in the near future. The only cool things about the school were Key Club, the successful music program, and the great teachers. We are still a developing school, so things are looking bright ahead
I love how the teacher are so involved with the kids! The students have lots of support from the staff! Everyday is a new day to learn, and grow not only a student but as a person as well. One thing that I wish could change is the lack of lockers. We are a small school and don’t have much, but with lockers I think that would help our staff, and students tremendously!
I did not enjoy my experience at marina high. The teachers as well as the students were rude and impatient.
Marina High School is a rather small school, my graduating class was 151 students. The social aspect of this school is phenomenal, bullying is not a prevalent issue and school spirit is found in all corners of the school. Some of the administration could be troublesome because it felt as if the voice of the students was occasionally being ignored by those in charge. However, the academics were fantastic; there was a wide variety of classes to chose from and always opportunity for help and advancement.
What I liked was the size of the school. Being a small school, it was very easy to recognize everyone who went there. I felt like I knew everyone.
Hated that school with a passion. Rumors spread like wildfire, everyone knows each other so you can only imagine how it would feel for a rumor to spread about you. The teachers are bad because they got rid of all the decent ones. The councilors are the most unhelpful people I have ever met. They made it seem like I was on track to graduate, but when I transferred to a different school, I found out that I was 15 credits behind. Be careful with this school because it might ruin your educational career.
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I think Marina High School has a diverse classes and a greater opportunity to collaborate with other teachers and students. The classes can be a bit lacking of work, but it can be really interesting of the ways they teach us. The way students and teachers cooperate each other is very polite and willing to help other student from their struggles in class. Even the counselors are supporting those who are needed in help. I simply love Marina High School is because the community is just so peaceful even though we don't get enough funds, materials, some variety of classes, and especially lockers.
Such a small school but we have so much spirit. I know everyone and they are all friendly. My four years here i have never had any problems and its always been calm.
There are only a handful of good teachers, while the others just give packets and videos. Marina is also underfunded and a new school, so it's still very small and lack some resources
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