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The teachers are nice and helpful, however, the work load is crazy. You will spend late nights trying to complete your homework. This is the exact reason why I was prepared for college workload ahead of time.
Overall it was pretty good. There were a lot of changes that made things worse while I was attending like building a new track that we didn’t need. That forced the track team to have to figure out transport to the junior college for a whole season. They also cut my AP Physics 2 class and cut my auto teachers pay by 20%. My auto teacher left after that and it took the school a whole semester to find a new teacher even though they had all summer. The education itself definitely prepares you for college, but pretty much only college. They have very little technical classes to offer and don’t value those very much. They have handled disasters pretty well, though. After every fire they were very helpful and understanding. It wasn’t great but it’s still a good school.
I liked how the school prepares you for college. This school is really good in academics. Its not a very spirited school at all... if you want spirit this aint it. The main sport that's important is football and the kids actually come and support our team. The cheerleading team is also updated and have much to offer. Not a very friendly campus the students don't really seem approachable. The food is eh I mean its high school food what you expect. There is not cafeteria so students eat wherever they can outside or in a class room. Sometimes when it rains the classrooms are locked so students are forced to stay outside in the wind and rain. The bathrooms are new as well as some of the campus.
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Pretty good school, not as good as people make it out to be though. It preps you for college very well. The school culture and spirit is very low though.
The teachers are very passionate about their subject and want their students to succeed. The best memories of my high school experience have been with the cross country/ track and field team
Facility is always littered with semen-smelling flowers and inedible berries that smell very bad. Some teachers provide good learning environment, but majority of academic teachers are only here for the pay. The school spirit days are almost jokes around the campus because no one participates in them. There aren't much resource around the campus, and the leadership program mainly consists of discussions of impractical ideas that are performed very poorly on school rallies. Overall, the school's about as average as it gets.
I truly loved the community that was built at this school. The academics were a huge focus, but the after school activities were so much fun!
The school is very academically competitive and the amount of homework is given is beyond hard. There are about 2 hours of homework for a class that does not include honors/AP. With AP and honors, it will take about 3 or more hours and tests are given pretty often.
I love how Maria Carrillo prepares you for College, I love how we we have supportive teachers and a great College and Career Center. Our school could use some new facilities such as bathrooms and more school spirit.
I'd say my overall experience at Maria Carrillo High School was pretty amazing. A lot of people would complain throughout my years there about how this school would give us so much work, but I honestly think that is why I am so prepared for college. With the heavy workload it made me prioritize my studies but also get so organized early on that I was able to still fulfill the amazing high school experience everyone dreams about. I was lucky enough to get amazing teachers all four years that made my experience a breeze. They were always welcoming if you needed extra help or just support with your own personal problems. The community as a whole at Maria Carrillo is just fantastic, they really strive to see their students succeed and it makes us as students want to make them proud.
It is difficult, but Maria Carrillo prepares you well for college. If you go here, your education will make you stand out. However, the school also emphasizes more than just school. There are a lot of clubs around, and getting involved in extracurricular events will make you enjoy your experience at Carrillo.
Academically, my experience at Maria Carrillo has been stellar. I've had a wide selection of AP courses to choose from, and almost every teacher has been stellar. The courses are all rigorous enough to where I feel very well-prepared for college.

Campus-wise, Carrillo is pretty well taken care of, and I've felt very safe the whole time I've been on it. Unfortunately, however, the school does lack a significant amount of spirit- very few people dress up for spirit days, and attendance for sports is also pretty low. However, there are a good amount of clubs on campus that are available to join.
Rigorous academics... and the school is overly cliquey; students can be quite rude. However, the teachers truly do do everything they can to give students the best experience! The teachers are wonderful and try their best.
The academic rigor at Maria Carrillo High School is challenging in a good way and I think has contributed to helping me prepare for college. The social environment at this high school i think needs improvement by promoting more school spirit and can be changed by acceptance of more diversity.
I like that Maria Carrillo is dedicated to academics, but I would like the see more diversity within the school, faculty who check in on their students, and kids who want to learn and grow as a person.
I liked the quality of education I was given; the teachers there are very intelligent and want you to actually learn the material and are fair with their tests.
It was ok. I moved here in eighth grade and there weren't a lot of resources to new students. Also counselors were highly discouraging of me going to a four year university after my freshman year grades.
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I transferred to Carrillo my junior year of high school, and I found it difficult to make friends because everyone already sort of had their friend groups by then. I know this is not necessarily the school's fault, but it would have been nice if the counselors connected new students together so that we would have some familiar faces before being plopped into the frenzy. The teachers are all pretty good, and it definitely prepared me for the rigor of college.
Maria Carrillo High School has been very good at prepping students for college. Although the AP classes are somewhat tough, they get you good grades on the AP exams at the end of the year. These will help get me through college faster and will allow me to spend less money. Most of the teachers do a very good job teaching and interacting with the students. The administration does a good job at keeping everything running smoothly as well.
Overall the school is good academically, the teachers overall are good, some nice, some not so nice. The lunch menu could use some work but other wise everything about the school is above expectations compared to many other schools in my area. There are plenty of school events for those who wish to go as well that I know many enjoy. We have a new track and field this year and the weight room has received some upgrades. As such, the only thing my school that limits it is the funding in my city's school district and perhaps the quality of school lunch.
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