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Mardela Middle/High School Reviews

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Excellent education and great staff. The teachers have been with the school for years and care about their students. The classes are very small.
I think the best part of Mardela is that it is a small school. Everyone knows everyone. The worst part would have to be the fact that it is a middle and high school. It allows older and younger kids to be able create a mentor/mentee relationship, but it also makes middle schoolers grow up a little too quickly. It exposes them to inappropriate high school things. It doesn't give high schoolers the opportunity to feel like they've started to grow up because they walk into the hallways and middle schoolers are running around like madmen.
I’ve gone to this school since I was in middle school! I love how the teachers take the time to really make sure every student succeeds. They have tutoring for each subject after school at certain times and I have found it really helps me with whatever I am struggling with. We are family oriented and treat each other with respect.
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The teachers will go above and beyond for each one of their students. The school draws from a small area so we weren’t too competitive when it came to sports.
I would like to see more administration care for the students and more welcoming. The school overall is a great and just small things can be tweaked to make the school nearly perfect. The school is so small so everyone is friends with everyone and rarely a fight occurs. The environment at the school is great, and is a great school overall!
I like Mardela because it is a small school. Everybody knows one another, which allows the teachers to have more interaction with the students in a learning environment. This is a great way for students to feel excepted and comfortable at Mardela.
I loved that school was so small and there were hardly any major issues with behavior, as were seen in the other high schools.
I liked how the teachers were always ready to help and how if someone was disrespectful they were not afraid to send out the student. The only thing I did not like was the environment when switching classes because people would push you to go faster or walk in a big group that would take up most of the hall way, then get mad at you for pushing through them.
This school is amazing!! The teachers are really supportive and every coach cares about each and every student-athlete and their futures. Friendly environment where everyone knows everyone
Mardela is a small school therefore it means everyone knows everyone. Bullying can be an issue and there aren't many steps that can be taken. Kinda just need to suck it up or get out.
Although MMHS is not as fancy or technology advance as some other local schools the teachers are amazing. Having Asperger's they pulled me out of my comfort zone to show me I can and I will succeed in a world of people who do not understand me. Excellent school for academics and emotional development.
MMHS has a small hometown feel that it just can’t escape. It’s a very kind school but it’s size gets in it’s way most of the time.
Mardela is a very good small school. If you are looking for a sports-centric school, then this is not the place for you. The lack of a football team allows other activities to thrive, like the band. The Mardela middle and High band is superb, award-winning and frankly amazing under the direction of Mr. Cory Boltz. However, there are few opportunities to try non-traditional or higher-level classes, since the school cannot afford it. Also, some of the teachers are apathetic or just plain rude with their attitudes towards teaching and the students. Thankfully, they are in the minority. Since it is such a tiny school, there is very little diversity in race and sexuality, and some people in the school will not be accepting of difference; however, there are very few bullying cases. Overall it is a good small town school.
Mardela is a very close knit community; students attend from 6th to 12th grade and build ever-lasting friendships. The staff is very attentive and know every student personally. The small class size is perfect for those who need more assistance or attention in their learning.
The thing I like most about Mardela was the community-centered culture. The faculty and students are all effortlessly willing to help one another in times of need. The teachers work to build relationship with students and I received some of my greatest life advice from them. As far as extra-curricular activities go, they are very limited due to the nature of a small school.
At Mardela I found a family, a network of parents, teachers, and students who are very tightly knit. The parents are actively involved in not only the lives of their students in the school, but in the county as well. They are not afraid to advocate for a change and stand up for their school. One of the perks of a small is school is that everyone knows everyone. In times of trial or hardship the students banned together and help lift each other up. It is very easy to see how much the teachers care for their students as well. They actively seek out ways to create an environment conducive to learning. They are active in the lives of their students both in and out of school. I cannot count the number of times I have had teachers show up to concerts for myself outside of school, or the number of times they travel to a variety of athletic games. At Mardela you are cared for, and they make sure you always know it.
I love the small atmosphere of mardela. I felt that I got a lot more out of my classes due to the smaller class sizes. I felt that I had a genuine relationship with all of my teachers which makes the learning experience so much more enjoyable.
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I have attended MMHS since my sophomore year of high school. The school is very small, but I have had a great experience while attending here. The staff is very supportive, and very kind as well. The students are all like one big family. I will miss MMHS when i graduate.
They care about you and your future. They make sure that they keep our attention while doing a lesson. Almost all the teachers are easy to approach and you can talk to them about any issues you have either in school or in general
It's the best in the county teachers really care about helping the students
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