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not enough gay people. Not enough gay people :( just not enough gay people. just not enough gay people for real.
I have been there since 2nd grade and I have loved every minute of it. I went from a horrible public school experience before Marburn and it was like magic when I walked thought there magical doors.
I'm new to Marburn but I love it so much. I love my teachers as they're nice and accepting of me. kids can be openly gay or in the LGBTQ community and won't be singled out because of it. You are allowed to have an open opinion in the school about something. you have an hour-long study hall daily! My teachers work with me on things I have trouble with.
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They closely catered to my needs, as an individual that learns differently (ADD and Dyslexia). They tailored my learning experience based on my needs and learning style. They have an extremely qualified teaching and support staff that work together to foster an excellent education experience.
My grandson has been a student at Marburn for 8 years. He has done well academically and at a recent meeting on a college tour, I was told Marburn students are well prepared for college. With his severe ADHD diagnoisis I doubt he would have made it to graduation at any other school. The Marburn staff has been wonderful to work with.
An excellent school for all students who experience any form of Learning Disability and dyslexia. The dedicated teachers and staff make it all happen. Never have we been more happier for our daughter to attend this school . She has been here 8 years and we have loved every minute of it.
Marburn helps students who learn differently achieve success in school and life. My son has dyslexia and ADHD. Marburn helped him develop the strategies he needs to succeed in school.