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Great teachers. My guidance counselor is involved and supportive. Enjoy my classes. The Advanced Placement classes are great preparation for college.
Marblehead High School is a competitive high school that prepares it's students for the college track. Teachers can be either exceptional or lacking the gap is pretty large. The diversity is extremely poor.
The school prided themselves on sports as well as students involvement in the community. Had a great education system that accommodated every student.
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This is a high performing high school with many students participating in different types of extracurricular activities (sports, volunteering, etc.). Almost every student goes to college and is relatively prepared to do so. There are many drawbacks, however, the staff is not always supportive of its students, there is a damaging competitive atmosphere (which inspires a LOT of cheating), parents are way too involved in their children's education, and the lack of diversity is so appalling that they have to "bus in" diverse students. Although this high school helped me get into a good college, I would have never chosen it again.
It is an excellent school and has really good clubs, sports teams, and super inclusive. Teachers are helpful and know what they're doing. Being a minority and living in Marblehead one of the things that really need to change is diversity.
Marblehead High School provided a well rounded positive academic, athletic, and community service focused high school experience. The teachers educated and were there to guide students as needed. Coaches and club leaders were supportive and motivating. At the same time we are able to have a school/life balance through the four years.
I would encourage more parental participation and more opportunities for direct communication between parents and administration.
overall great experience just everyone knows everything about everyone and it can get annoying and rumors spread like wildfire here.
Marblehead High School is a great school. I love the music department and the faculty is great! The academics are good.
I came in to the high school as a sophomore (currently a senior) and I have never experienced such a supportive, encouraging, and safe school environment. I have deep and personal connections with almost all of my teachers (and even some who have never even taught me). Teachers are always willing to help, even if you have not had their class in years. The only downside I have experienced, is that the students are very competitive when it comes to grades. Otherwise, my peers are extremely friendly.
Marblehead High School has been a great school for me to grow as an individual and prepare for college. Even when I struggled in the past, teachers always offered their help. I couldn't imagine going to another school!
Marblehead High School is a great place to learn grown and thrive! The school has excellent sports programs as well as arts programs: so if you like basketball or acting in the thearter, or shooting photos the school has something for everyone.
Great teachers that are clearly invested in their students, however, the administration has gone downhill recently and the school is recovering from a poorly understood financial crisis.
At Marblehead High, almost every teacher is very passionate about their subject and are available before and after school for extra help if you need it. Classes are very difficult, especially at the honors and AP levels. There is a large variety of science and art-related electives, but less English and history electives. The main criticism I have for Marblehead High is that the difficulty of classes varies dramatically between different teachers regardless of course level, making some college preparatory and honors courses more difficult than the AP course due to the teacher. Overall, I had a great 4 years at Marblehead!
It was a mixed experience for me. The education I received was generally pretty good, but teachers and departments can be kind of a mixed bag, you can get lucky and have all great teachers or get unlucky and have some bad ones. The school is very competitive, and most students wind up going to a four year college. This competitiveness is both good and bad, as students are in general motivated, but it can also lead to toxic behavior. The biggest issue is definitely drugs, and administration hasn’t done much to rectify it. Overall I’d say it is 3 stars because it is safe for the most part and delivers a quality education, but due to the toxic nature and drugs, it brings down this school a bit.
Nice campus and faculty, but more opportunities to go outside during the day would be a nice addition to the school day alongside more time in between classes to relax and socialize. Maybe compensate this time by shortening the lunch period by a few minutes.
The academics are great and teachers genuinely want their students to succeed. Marblehead High School offers a wide range of courses allowing students to explore many different subjects whether it is working or challenging AP classes. The school has provided many opportunities to bring in volunteer work and experience to enhance the learning done inside the classroom. Despite the competitive but supportive academic environment, Marblehead High does not have a very diverse student body.
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I really like that Marblehead High School challenges you, whether it be academics, sports, or other social organizations.
The academic environment is very good and the club and sports selection is great. One thing is the food is bad and the administration is often grumpy. Mr. Bauer the principal, however, is very good with the students.
It's a good school, some amazing teachers and some not so great ones, same as any other public high school. Students are very competitive with each other about academics and sports are incredibly important to the school and town.
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