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I attend church here. Very grounded ideas! The kids learn from the Bible. Tough through the Love of Christ.
This school created the best experiences for me the moment I walked in the front doors. When I first came to Maranatha Christian Academy I was in a bad state, but the staff showed me so much kindness that I felt comfortable to confide in them. Their kindness lead to my salvation.
Maranatha Christian Academy has the option of basketball, volleyball, and cross country. It also gives the opportunity to go to state compensations, which includes music vocal and instrumental, speech, and art.
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At MCA the teachers are friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely care how you are doing. If necessary the teacher will change his or hers teaching style for your learning advantage.
At MCA are comfortable. The technology is great. The teachers have mimeo boards in the class rooms and an iPad. The students receive iPad Minis for the year to do schoolwork on.
At Maranatha Christian Academy one can feel safe. The school is like a big family that will protect you no matter what. If you are have a hard time with something the whole is there to comfort you.
Maranatha Christian Academy strict on their school politics, but it is also understanding. The dress code is strict but fairly easy to comply. Dealing with the matter of bullying, to my knowledge the school has not had such an incident, but I would believe that they would deal with it promptly and accordingly.
Admissions at Maranatha Christian Academy is not taken lightly, but the staff makes it as easy as possible. They will offer you a tour of the campus and allow you/student to spend a day on campus to see if you like the atmosphere. Once you decide you would like to come to Manhattan Christian Academy they will give you an entry test to determine where you are in your studies. Now, on the matter of financial aid MCA is very open. I myself receive financial aid to go to Maranatha Christian Academy. My advice for one who wants to explore financial aid at MCA would be talk to the principal, Mr. Simmons. He will do anything in his power to find a way for you to stay/go to Maranatha Christian academy.
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