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Some things I really appreciate at Mar Vista is the amount of support that counselors give to seniors who want to go to college. For example, helping them sign up for the SAT or ACT with a fee waiver or giving them a list of scholarships they could sign up for. Mar Vista could work on their school spirit and their support for the clubs and programs they provide because often times, students have no idea about a program or club that they might be interested in. Overall, Mar Vista does provide opportunities to get involved in the community and to do things that could contribute to your future.
The educators do the most of their reach regardless of budgets or students' compromise. Due to the kind of city that Imperial Beach is, the school doesn't have the best installations or the most involved students, but I have experienced a pretty good education there and I think everyone would feel comfortable in it.
Overall this is a pretty good school. I would wish that it would be kept cleaner. One of my favorite things about Mar Vista is the poseidon academy which teaches us about marine biology
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It was okay . Many people were like family which was comforting . I mostly liked the teachers due to the fact they were so supportive and motivating .My favorite part was tennis which was a way to vent for me .
It’s a pretty good school. There are teachers that love their job and others don’t care. They could do a better job with getting students involved and announcing activities
I’ve really enjoyed my academic years here at mar vista. It had allowed me to grow as an individual as well and helped me develop important skills needed to succeed in college.
One thing that I've loved about Mar Vista High is the sense of togetherness that we all share. When I walk through the front doors of the campus, I feel comfortable in my ability to express new ideas and share my opinion about topics, whether it be inside or out of the classroom. The teachers are always willing to hear what you have to say and the students never discriminate others.
Mar Vista is definitely a beach community but is also very diverse. It’s small and welcoming, i love my school, staff, and the students. I’m involved in AVID which is a college readiness program and it is by far the best class i’ve taken, it has helped me so much. I took this class throughout my four years of high school and will highly recommend it to everyone ! The Mar Vista staff is also extremely helpful and keeps the students their number one priority. I am also involved in the softball program, a 4 year varsity starter. We have a strong team and we’re getting recognized for it. As well as our football team, they just won league. Our waterpolo team, which is a pretty known program because we won CIF. Mar Vista isn’t big and doesn’t get the recognition is deserves but i know how grateful i am to be graduating from Mar Vista. Once a mariner, always a mariner..
Great environment, resources there for you to succeed. You also have space, where although it is "school" it is that space where you can learn peacefully, you are able to build great skills that one needs in life. There are great after school program whichalso provides snacks.
Mar vista is an absolutely terrible place with very few good things. The school is run down and old, the water fountain pipes are rusted leaving the water tasting horrible, and the administration thinks that simply adding a new coat of paint to the school or having the kids participate in school activities will fix the problems that lie within the school’s foundation. Despite all of this issues within the school there is good there, there are volunteers and people there that remember the time when our school used to be the best in the area and they work hard to improve it, not only by putting their time and money into the school but also by putting their very soul into it. In conclusion although Mar Vista isn't what it used to be, what it lacks in aesthetics and resources it makes up in spirit and our collective desire for a better future.
The beach atmosphere was great and the kids weren't that bad but through the years it seemed the schools "atmosphere" got worse. Teachers and kids. I would have rated it a 4/5 orignially if it stood the same but the months leading up to graduation it was a 2/5.
I loved how nice and welcoming everyone was and the vibe was amazing. The teachers and staff were very helpful and very hard working . I would love to see new classes that fit students desires and personalities and better food choices.
Mar Vista High School has some very wonderful teachers who really get involved with helping their students achieve a greater education.
While the campus is still coming down from a recent renovation to some of the offices and classrooms, the color that was changed as soon as I graduated made me feel a bit puzzled. Our spirit colors were green and gold; however, the exterior of the buildings were painted a beige color that felt like a prison.
The way the teachers engage with their students. They actually see potential in their students and will do anything in their power to get their students to where they need to be.
I transferred into Mar Vista High School before my junior year and adjusting to the school was super easy. They also offer lots of classes that fit my skill level and interests.
what i liked about mvh was that most of the students were really friendly so i didn’t have a hard time making friends. i did like to see more would be more professionalism from the teachers since some were really useless.
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I am a senior at Mar Vista High School in Imperial Beach, Ca. I am a dedicated triathlete at school playing Football, Track and Field, and Wrestling. My parents where incarcerated July 2013 until I turn 22 years old. At the age of 15, I became homeless, and I have continued to attend High School and play competitive sports. My education and sports are my life line. I have had a support system in my teachers, coaches and Counselor.
Mar Vista has provided a healthy safe learning environment while helping me reach my full potential. Because of everyone at Mar Vista I want to attend a 4 year College that offers commitment to excellence like my High School shown showed me. I now have a goal to graduate College with a Medical degree. This life's journey that I am on requires focus, desire to succeed, and competitiveness. What makes me different is, I care about the future. I believe I can make a difference in the world. I owe my passion to Mar Vista educators.
Being at mar vista for 4 years have been fun and exciting. They just need to work on the food. Mar vista high has been good to me throughout these last 4 years, the teachers and administrators are a big help at the school as well.
I have been a student of Mar Vista Senior High School since my freshmen year. I've created many memories throughout the semesters in which I will never forget. I met many amazing students with a bright future and many amazing teachers who are awesome in their job! I'm glad I was able to part of this kind, accepting, and supportive community. Once a Mariner, always a Mariner!
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