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Mapleton Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I am still attending college. I'd say the school decently prepares students for the post-high school world. I wish I was able to take more advanced classes and had more clubs/sports/extra-curriculars.
For a school in a completely rural area with at least 15 miles to the closest town, imminent threats/harm are very rare.
Again, like sports, very limited selection to maybe a half-dozen choices within the school.
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The school has immense spirit, dedication, and fans; unfortunately there is very limited choice in sports teams. There are only 5 official school teams; some students choose to participate in community sports teams or get permission to play or with another school team in the area.
Such a small school not much is available to students.
This school was accepting of my interest in playing on the boys football team even though I am a female and I think that enabled me to set a good example for other female students, especially lower-class(wo)men. The overall attitude at the school in all grades is one of family and acceptance.
Lack of options and opportunities for students to take AP or Honors classes at this school. Teachers try hard but the community lacks funding for schools. Only three sports are offered at this school, and the pool is drained and cracked so the swim program is discontinued.
No guidance counselor on site but a new high school secretary with experience is stepping into that position.
Very involved student body in all activities, especially sports but there is no music program, no thespian club, and limited sports offered due to budget problems and small student body.
Too few class offerings. Un-stimulating
No nurse, police, resources. Poor country school.
Prepackaged, frozen, salty, greasy, boring, yucky.
Teachers recruited to be administration is bad idea
Sports was the only thing that kept me there.
They try, but school is small and not well funded
Some good, some bad. Poor pay contributes to issues
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