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Mansfield Frontier High School Reviews

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I like that it is a small school and that I can connect with many different people. In addition, I like the classmates that I have me because they help me through my assignment and I help them. I would not like to change anything about the school. I feel like it prepares me for success and for the future.
Frontier High School has been one of the best schools that I have had the privilege to attend. Being a culinary student, Frontier has given me the resources and facilities to be able to expand my knowledge and sharpen my skills.After only one year in the program, I have won multiple culinary competitions including first place in the Kid Fit culinary competition. As a result, my recipe is now on the Fish City Grill Kid’s menu. I also won 1st place in the UIL Barbeque competition and was able to compete at the state level. Additionally, I Placed 3rd in the Region and the State at Pro Start, a nationally recognized competition.
I really love the small number of students within the campus as it helps everyone get closer together and allows for the teachers to better focus on the students.
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For my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I attended Mansfield High School. The staff was great; however, I did't fit in. Moving to Frontier was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am able to better pursue my passion and I have so much support from my teachers and peers.
Extremely college preparation school. the teachers help guide students to their preferred future career.
Having been in Frontier High School for two years has been full of experiences and memories. I have to admit that Frontier is not like any other school. Yes, there are many weird students, terrible lunch, and some not very helpful teachers, however, I do not regret coming to this high school. The counselors and most of the staff members are very helpful and care for each individual student. In addition, Frontier provides a wide range of post high school graduation preparatory programs and certifications. The education and friends I have obtained while being here are worthwhile and will remain with me all my life.
I loved my time at Frontier High School! The teachers were fun to be around while also being helpful and supportive. Being a smaller school for only juniors and seniors (at the time I attended anyway), it was the perfect environment for someone like me to thrive without feeling suffocated, as I had at my previous school. Additionally, because it's a school you apply for and get accepted into, you get the benefit of being surrounded by other students just as motivated as you are. While I understand it's not for everyone and the lack of sports might put some people off, the amazing experience I had at Frontier is something I would deeply recommend to any and every student!
I am currently a Junior here at Frontier High School. If you're considering transferring to Frontier High School them do it!
Teachers and other staff members are really friendly, along with the students here at Frontier. Sure we may not have over 130 students at the school, but if your a fan of small crowds then Frontier is the place for you, safety is one thing to consider, but Frontier Staff makes each and every student feel safe. So what are you waiting for come join the community here at Frontier High School.
Amazing teachers who prepare you for college, not just teach to the test. Friendly school environment. Little to no drama and distractions from studies. All in all it's probably one of the best public high schools in the state of Texas.
The school is amazing, we have small classes and are all very close. I have had a wonderful experience attending this school. The teachers care very much about us succeeding in life and figuring out what we want to do in the future. I would change having our teachers teach at other campuses.
Attending a career tech school gave me a lot of advantages other students didn't have. I was able to pick a career field and take classes oriented around such career
Frontier allows students from any background to engage in their endorsements in a friendly environment. Many of my fellow peers have praised our school for how welcoming it feels and how much we've learned in our two years here. Our senior projects allow us to be creative in our respective fields and show how ready we are for college
I was a part of the TREC program, which is a dual credit program with TCC Trinity River Campus. It is a very beneficial program and I was about one credit away from getting my associate's degree with the help of this program at Frontier High School.
Frontier has been such a benevolent environment for every single student. Each and every person is so positive and welcoming, the teachers are like you me second set of parents who honestly care about your education and the student to teacher ratio plays an immense role in getting the most amount of potential in the classroom.
Frontier High School is a School of academic excellency and leadership. A school where students go to dive further in their carrier path, obtain leadership skills and sever the community to the best of their abilities. Being a school for 11th and 12th graders only, results in smaller class sizes, one on one time with teachers, and a sense of community.
I loved many things about this school. One of the things I loved about this school is that there were clubs and activities. There were two clubs that I loved and those were the Robotics Club and the Solar Car Club. In the robotics club, students built a robot that could complete obstacles depending on the challenge. We would then go to many places to compete. The solar car club was a club where you could build a solar car from scratch and you would race with many other teams from Texas Motor Speedway to Indianapolis, Minnesota. It was so much fun and it taught me a lot about different components in cars. In my senior year, everyone had to make a senior project to present to a panel that was full of professionals.
I was home schooled for 3 years before coming to Frontier. This school was exactly what I needed to rebuild my confidence and leadership skills. It was small enough to feel like family, but also challenged me in a multitude of ways. My teachers were endlessly supportive and cared about every student who attended Frontier. I feel so blessed to have this school in my city.
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The staff at Frontier are very personable and thrive on making you successful. Frontier has a wide variety of certification programs as well as dual credit and AP classes. The only issue with Frontier high school is that the class sizes are very small.
Its a good high school if you know the career path you would like to take. However, there are no sports.
This school is amazing. Classes are small and teachers help students more than normal high schools. High schools normally have 400 to 500 students making appointments with counselors difficult and tutorials crowded. In Frontier, class sizes are around 100 students and counseling and tutorials are hassle-free. Frontier is also connected to Ben Barber Innovation Academy, an academy created by MISD, to help students pursue in their careers such as engineering, business and health care. Students enjoy Frontier because they get priority in Ben Barber where students in other campuses have a chance of joining the classes. Frontier is only for juniors and seniors and you can apply and have a chance of joining this amazing school.
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