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Great community of people however small schools can be hard. Not a lot of diversity but a very loving staff.
I loved the one on one experience I got in that school and how the teachers and faculty genuinely cared about you. The school has a great sense of community and offers many programs that will help you excel in college such as CCP classes. One thing that is a negative is the judging that takes place at that school. I witnessed so many students, parents, teachers, and faculty not respect other people and judge them for making human mistakes. However, there were also those who were so genuinely kind and loving towards everyone which is how it should be in a christian school.
As a parent I am thrilled with the solid academics taught by highly credentialed and caring teachers. It’s no wonder they were voted as one of the best Christian schools in America. Their principal (new to the school in 2018/2019) is serious about academic excellence and student conduct. Their new girls basketball coach is one you’d expect to find coaching college athletics. Our family has been blessed by MCS!
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This school provided me the worst 12 years of my life. From day one, starting with the teachers. To then being in junior high, being bullied for being different. Your teachers and all the faculty will judge you and label you as a "bad kid" if you don't have money, are shakey with your relationship with God, and aren't naturally smart. Then, when you get to high school, you will be a loner. A nobody. You will spend four years of your high school life depressed, anxiety-filled, and even scared sometimes because nobody will help. And if you, for one second, question their political views, you will be mocked and ridiculed. So, I can't say I had the best experience at Mansfield Christian, so I won't pretend I did. This school has brought nothing but bad memories and I say 'good luck.' to anyone that is attending this nightmare of a high school.
MCS is an alright high school if ypu don't let yourself get sucked into the toxic culture that fills every inch of the building.
As a homeschooled student, I felt very welcomed into the community of Mansfield Christian. Even though I had a different education from the primary grades, the students and teachers in the secondary grades treated me as a fellow student and I became heavily invloved and comfortable with the activites of full-time students. I can not thank Mansfield Chrisitian enough for the oppurtunities in sports, academics, and friendships that they have given me throughout my high school experiance.
The teachers are great but the high school is a giant clique! Still, they have CCP options and several good options for honors students despite being a small school.
I've been at Mansfield Christian since 1st grade. Overall I have enjoyed my time there. The friends I've made at Mansfield Christian will be friends for a lifetime. I really loved being a part of the soccer and basketball teams.
The teachers are amazing people who you will definitely grow close to, but the school board is kind of sketchy. No one really knows where any tuition or fundraiser money goes off to, and any time a serious event happen amongst the students, they use unconventional methods to deal with it and silence students who spread rumors. The worst thing is, if you are not athletic, you will be unpopular, and you will mean nothing to the school. The band never received any funding, and about half of the awards handed out at the end of the year are for sports. The money you pay is just for great teachers, but nothing else if you are not athletic.
Mansfield Christian School is a school that gives its students a solid Christian foundation as they advance in their studies.
I came to Mansfield Christian as a 5th grader. I was welcomed in right away by the students, faculty and staff. I had opportunities to use my talents in sports and singing every year. I enjoyed going to school every day because I knew I was loved by my teachers.
MCS provided me with an excellent Christian school experience, from PreK-12. My teachers showed a genuine interest in me both spiritually and academically. They consistently went above and beyond expectations to ensure my success. I was afforded many opportunities for involvement and leadership along the way, and the friends I made at MCS will undoubtedly, be friends for eternity.
Overall MCS has been a great exsperience. The teaching staff is kind and respectable, they like to challenge you so you can be the best you can be. Though there are some negatives, the administration doesn't always do there best and there is a lot of DRAMA! Which makes things difficult, students don't have a lot of school spirit. Which can make sporting events kinda dull. But it's an overall decent school that I have loved and came to appreciate, I believe I have made many life long friends at this school and I am very thankful for them.
I have loved being able to spend all 14 years of my schooling thus far at MCS. It truly has become my family and continues to surprise me. I feel so blessed to be part of a community of not only my best friends, but also teachers who care so much about my success in life and are always there to talk to me.
People on the board try very hard to do their job to the best of their abilities and I appreciate that, but I've always wished their was a voice for the students present at board meetings to bring in a new point of view. Also, out principles in past years have all been amazing, but our most recent principle is angry, disconnected, and as sad as it is to say, I hope he leaves or switches roles soon for the benefit of not only the students but the teachers too.
We have a show choir called Image, which is really friendly, talent filled and fun. We also have a band, a worship band, a chess club, an academics challenge club, National Honors Society and various sporting opportunities. Such as: soccer, track, swimming, basketball, baseball, softball and soccer. I'm sure there are a few more that I am failing to remember, but the students and teachers in them are very dedicated to them, and have a lot of fun with them.
We have strict policies about bullying, as well as dress code. The guidance councilor, though, is also the principle, which makes students nervous about getting guidance from him.
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Our teachers genuinely care about the students, and are very good at teaching their topics.
Our school only has one food option per day at the cafeteria. The cafeteria does have many snack options, though, and you can always choose to have a salad.
I have had some trouble with bullying in the past, but the issues were resolved quite easily. We are a very tight knit school, every one knows each other.
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