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This school is absolutely amazing. I transferred here as a freshman on a full scholarship and it really changed my life. The classes prepared me for college so well and I found myself excelling easily and had multiple professors compliment my writing skills and other things that MPH had taught me. I probably wouldn't suggest sending a student here before middle school unless money is not an issue, as while the education is better than some public schools, it is still extremely expensive, and while MPH does their best to get financial assistance for those that need it, but there's only so much that they can reasonably do. Because of this, it is not extremely diverse and tends to be upper class caucasian or foreign exchange students from Asia. The athletics may not be winning state championships, but the team spirit is extremely good. The teachers and classes themselves are worth it, but the facilities and community are added bonuses!
My experience at Manlius Pebble Hill School was incredible. The small class sizes, sincere teachers, and challenging academics allow students to become amazing individuals.
Very Excellent in all matters! Safe modern school with priorities on the right things. Will recommended to anyone looking for a great school!
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Used to be a great place. Now a school for rich, white kids. No diversity in lower school. Disillusioned alumni for the school's treatment of former students and faculty.
This school is one in a million. When you walk in you see people of all cultures. Each student is treated as an individual and inspired to work in the areas they are interested in. This is a school where each student is made to feel important and challenged to think outside of the box. My daughter has been to many schools due to job transfers and when she stepped inside of this one, she felt accepted and challenged . I highly recommend this school to anyone wanting a good education , a place where results are seen , and an environment that is full of purpose.
My daughter started at MPH in 6th grade after attending elementary school and the first year of middle school in the top-rated public schools in the Syracuse area. While she had a great start in those schools, after only one week at MPH it was shocking how big a difference the learning environment created. She went from being a shy, good student who didn't participate in many activities to running for student council. She truly "took off" since being at MPH. Now entering 10th grade, she is a straight A student (in classes that are MUCH more challenging than the public school classes), jumps in with both feet in everything from art classes to Model United Nations. To see her become so committed and happy at school is priceless.
I loved attending Manlius Pebble Hill. The teachers were very supportive and intelligent, and made it enjoyable to learn.
Amazing teachers, small classes, one-on-one attention in class. Manlius Pebble Hill is a unique school with a very natural style of teaching students. Learning happens with a lot of hands on and visual methods. Rather than reading a text book and repeating what it says, the students are engaged in conversation with the instructors.
Our daughter started pre-k with MPH this year and we are amazed at what a thriving, nurturing community comes with it. A student body where everyone looks out for each other, teachers who want to teach and do so, food service that produces well balanced meals, performing art programs....
Great teachers and the school and factulty care about each individual student. Sent all 3 of my children to this school and could not be happier with the outcome. Not only have they become thoughtful and kind human beings but MPH has allowed them to develop their full academic potential and prepared them very well to become independent successful individuals. One is now studying to be an MD, one is graduating from a highly selective liberal arts college, one is attending the most selective engineering school in the country.
Very academically challenging, personal connections with teachers, and an endless amount of opportunities and support. Helps you prepare for college and the future while creating a strong community.
Manlius Pebble Hill is an excellent school for any student. Great teachers, great kids, and great school. Everyone here greets with a smile and loves the school.
Manlius Pebble Hill is a remarkable place. It is truly an environment for children and young adults to flourish in. MPH allows students to become the best versions of themselves, equipping them will tools for lifelong learning and an unmatched capacity for compassion.
The extracurricular are a big part of my school and they are well organized
The teachers make it a priority to know their students personally, and truly want you to succeed. It's very easy to foster your interests and follow your own academic path.
My experience at Manlius Pebble Hill has been an interesting and valuable learning experience. Although the school has a rigorous atmosphere, it provides a comfortable platform for students to try new things in and outside of the classroom. I would absolute choose this school if I could do it over again because it has taught me how to learn new information and put the information into action.
Being a small school, some of the buildings are very new and high tech while others are very old and practically falling apart. Being on one side of the school is like being in a different place compared to the other side. Parent involvement, college prep, tutoring and busing are all very good. Technology flips between great and confusingly over complicated. Heating/air conditioning is extremely temperamental. Parking for seniors and juniors exists. It is easy to get around, but sometimes a bit of a walk, nice in the summer but annoying in the winter when you have to walk outside. If some of the older buildings continue to get updated that would be good.
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The school nurse is a wonderful woman who really knows what she's doing. The current health teacher and student counselor is also fantastic. In terms of mental health support, there is a lot for students to reach out for it, especially now that the previous, insane counselors retired. Health class is actually useful and stresses safety in reasonable and realistic contexts. Bullying, while always existent in any school environment, is minimal in number compared to other schools. However for students that are bullied it is usually severe and they do not always receive the correct attention needed in the situation. The dean of students, while supportive, is not always understanding and the upper school head is only sometimes approachable. So if there are physical health needs, they will be met, but mentally, most of but not all of the time.
Clubs are strong in number at MPH and very easy to create with a few students. Some are pretty dead while others are more fun. The organization on the part of all clubs is often lacking, but organization is not the strong suit of the student body in general. Clubs often have fun activities and usually food is involved as an incentive. There is definitely a club for everyone, but they are the most cliquey part of school too.
Teachers legitimately care about their students and much one-on-one attention is given. There are of course, highs and lows in every department, but generally teachers are far better than teachers one experience at public school. While they are not required to have a teaching degree, which often has its drawbacks when new teachers come along, they soon improve and all teachers have classroom environments that feel safe and are run in an open-forum style.
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