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Manchester is a very competitive school with academics and sports, this does challenge a lot of students because it is a great school but it is also a very difficult school to attend.
A small school system provides for more one on one excess with teachers. Almost all teachers want to help the students succeed and are helpful when students need help. I could complain about things in the school that aren't perfect or even corrupt but the fact of the matter is, any child coming out of this school system will have received or had the opportunity to receive an above-average education. Even though it is arguable that this school may not be "any better" than your average school, the fundamentals of the system set up students to graduate well-rounded and succeed in whatever he/she succeeds in.
MERHS has a great educational track for students of all kinds. The teachers and administration want to see and bring the best out of their students and they challenge their students. The school culture and diversity is fairly one dimensional, I feel as if I have been in a bubble for much of my life. However, the sports and extracurriculars are stellar, the school does an excellent job of giving its students options too. The school is very small, but it's also on the newer side and known for being one of the more environmentally safe schools in the area. The classrooms are all lit well and equipped with the proper technology to run a professional and effective class. The teachers are interesting people and all encourage the students to pursue their dreams. Overall, the school is very good and prepares its students for the outside world.
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Manchester Essex Regional High School is a relatively average school experience. However, this school is extremely lacking in diversity.
Been at this school since 6th grade and it has been a voyage to get through. I have had a lot of the classic scenarios of a typical middle schooler to the classic situations of high school drama in the high school. I think the bullying here is out of control as this school is very cliquey and everyone smokes weed. The teachers sometimes give up on the students but really are honest when they say they want to see their students go somewhere in life.
Manchester Essex has a great reputation with lots of resources always available to students. I am lucky to have gone to school here. However, there is absolutely zero diversity and the school administration is quick to brush things under the rug and punish kids for the wrong things.
I graduated from MERHS in 2018. Our senior year was awful. Administration liked to take away privileges for all seniors because of the actions for a few. Also, many cases of bullying, harassment, etc. are all swept under the rug, not reported to the state and/or do not result in the proper punishment of the bully. The administration worries way too much about the reputation of the school and district that they often ignore the feelings and needs of the students. MERHS has dropped significantly in the "best public schools/districts" list in the past few years, yet they are still way too worried about the reputation of the school, which is actually ruining all that is left of it.
I think that Manchester Essex Regional High School has pretty strong academics. The teachers are also really nice and are willing to give you extra help. The class sizes are pretty small, so it gives you the chance to have a relationship with your teacher and be able to pay attention well in class. However, this school lacks diversity. I wish there was more of a variety of different students. The sports teams are good but not great.
Their is no diversity at Manchester Essex, everyone is exactly the same. There is only about 100 kids in each grade. Everyone knows everything about each other. The environment at the school is cold, everyone acts like they are the absolute best, including the teachers. The teachers help create this atmosphere because they act like they are above us, and do not show interest in helping the students. They do not strive to make connections with their students, and it then causes students to act in the same manor.
Manchester Essex is a small school with students in it who have grown up with one another since they were all five or six years old. While the system is very familiar with most of its students personally, the level of individualism and attention to conflict among students is lacking. We need a better support system for upper class man going through the transition to life after Graduation and also guidance for students transferring from middle school to high school.
I liked the fact that many teachers worked one on one with their students. The teachers would put in more effort than any teachers I had seen before in my schooling experience. However, the administration did not always agree with this. Teachers frequently faced consequences for going the extra mile to help students. Administration also shot down many students request or input on what they were interested in seeing happening in the school.
I liked the freedom as a senior to leave if I had a break between classes.

I would like to see more flexibility on my course selection.
I was really impressed with what was on offer. There was far more to do than one could participate in.
I think they genuinely did a good job teaching my son, and he got an excellent education at the school. It was a real change from the schools he had been to before (in another country), and they helped him learn the ropes very effectively. We did though hire an external college counsellor because I felt like the advice my son needed more support and direction in the process of selecting colleges he should apply to.
The teachers genuinely care. I have a very academic child and they managed him well, while not allowing the other students to be forgotten. I rarely heard about my child feeling a grade was random, and never heard that a teacher didn't like him, even though they did a good job of encouraging him to work hard.
The teachers at school are very nice, but some of them can be very rude. About 90% of my teachers are very approachable and nice. At least every year I have one teacher I do not like, but that is normal. The ten percent of teachers don't keep up with their grading and they take a long time to grade things.
The nurses are often absent, but any time I come in sick I am usually treated well.
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There is a variety of extracurriculars at MERSD, but I do feel that some are prioritized over others.
Manchester is very competitive in terms of education. I've had some bad experiences with coaches in school sports, but I've enjoyed the clubs and classes I've participated in so far.
Some of the teachers here are pretty old school, but overall everyone is pretty decent.
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