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Fun environment, but average/poor in academic preparation for those wanting to go to college. Not a lot of classes offered and difficult to change or tailor schedule to incorporate interests. Teachers care a lot and easy to make meaningful connections. Administration is difficult to deal with/contact and has too many students to effectively handle.
My time at Malibu High School was memorable, had some great teachers and some great classes. The science department wasn't great during my time there.
Here is my attempt at a more balanced review: The district has provided computers for every student, and there are multiple resources for students in terms of college counseling and mental health services (Wellness Center). Despite not many language options, our Spanish department is really amazing and the English department has generally been very good. There are sufficient math teachers and many students who engage in art. The arts are encouraged and prioritized, as is student individuality and creative expression. Student culture can be tainted by their wealth, but there are great and intelligent people too. We also have amazing librarians and good janitors. Overall, many teachers and staff are caring, engaging, and there for you when you need them. however, the science department is HEAVILY lacking, and the construction right now is not fun. Just like almost any other school ever, we could use way more money and more opportunities.
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This is a great high school and will even better when the renovations are complete. The teachers are great!
The faculty and administrators are very kind and try to be helpful. The quality of the teaching ranges from mediocre to very good. The enforcement on attendance and drugs is abysmal, and the social scene is dominated by partying.
Good school, lots of accelerated programs. I love the robotics program where any student can sign up and make a robot that can compete at state competitions.
It is a very ok school. The lunch food isn’t great but when they Get Spruzzo’s Pizza it’s pretty good, that does sell out quickly though. Wouldn’t recommend the school. People here are stuck up and the teachers are very meh. They always seem to brush off issues of bullying and harassment. Not a huge amount of course options either. Small school, teachers not that great. I will say though, they do at least have advanced placement for classes and such so that’s nice. They also don’t really teach grammar in english classes. You will also notice though that some teachers are high a lot. In conclusion I’d rate the overall school a 5/10.
Great people and mostly talented teachers. Malibu High has a lot of little clicks so who one chooses to hang out with really matters. There is a lot of vaping and some thc edibles, but I think that all schools have this problem.
Malibu High School is a fantastic high school; I can't imagine a life without MHS.

At Malibu, my classes were always small, allowing me to have great relationships with my teachers. I was able to play water polo, do theatre, be in a choir, and take APS.

The administration was able to have a successful school year even with the Woolsey fire disrupting our year.

As a theatre kid, MHS was a nurturing and safe place to explore the world of the stage.
Overall a great school with a great english department. Student-led clubs are amazing and teachers and admin. are always willing to help.
My time attending Malibu Middle School and Malibu High School was fairly tumultuous: Through the seven years I was there, the school went through at least four different Principals/VPs, many teachers retired or moved schools the year before or after my Class would have them. Needless to say we had many teachers who were unfamiliar with the school and its uncommon mix of students/community (entitled rich people abound). All that being said there are, particularly for juniors and seniors, some very good teachers who made sure the student body was ready to attend college upon graduation.
I like the my class size is not to big, around 150 students, and because of this the class sizes are smaller, giving us more of a personal relationship with the majority of the teachers. Also I feel very safe and secure on campus,although it is an open campus, I feel as though on harm will every fall on me or any students or faculty on campus.
Malibu High School is a great outdoor campus with tons of friendly and supportive staff. Many people play sports and we have some outstanding individual athletes but as a whole MHS is not great at sports. Since it is such a small school there is a limit to the number of classes offered, but for the most part, everything you might want to take is available. MHS is a great school to attend.
It was a great experience as a transfer student , learned new things in a friendly environment and felt welcome to everyone. Low diversity but still a great school
The teachers are super cool and sweet but the science department is awful. The english and history department is great and the math is alright. People seem nice and friendly but are extremely fake and shallow.
I like the school, it’s very tiny plus it’s a middle school. The one thing I hate is that the teachers are poor at preparing the students for the finals. The finals are very hard.
this school is TOXIC . WE NEED HOT BOYS . there are so many gorgeous girls but barely ANY cute boys. there isn't enough diversity and they don't fund the arts .
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I had an average experience at Malibu High School, It wasn't the worst high school and I do feel that the education was pretty good, however it did lack in diversity and it seemed to lack in funding for things. The cafeteria did not have very many options also.
Great teachers and academics. The school culture here is terrible. I have never met more apathetic and unenthusiastic people in my life. Everyone here complains and wishes they went to another school. Also the school is so small because people keep leaving, and it makes it hard to find friends because the student body is tiny. People here are very concerned about wealth and status. There is a lot of drug use here, which is common at most high schools, but Malibu certainly has a reputation. Going to school here can be very isolating. Most people do not talk to anyone outside of their friend group. The sports are bad, no one has school spirit and most kids are ashamed to go to school here. If you have a solid group of friends then you will be fine. The teachers are pretty awesome and genuinely care about their jobs. But if you are looking for a traditional high school experience, look someone else because Malibu is extremely dissappointing.
The teachers at Malibu High School are very caring towards their students. They take extra time to work with students who have a hard time in class or if they are absent for a long amount of time. The councilors could check up on the students more but they are as well very caring.
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