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Good teachers :), student body could use some work. overall a good school because of the many great programs.
Malden high is a good school and every kid would like to be in Malden high, the teachers, classes, students, and the staff are all good but the lunch is not that good and the breakfast is good.
Malden High is a pretty well diverse community as it is an attraction to several races which creates a school full of different backgrounds to learn from. I really enjoyed having friends from across the globe and learning about their cultures in addition to their perspectives on education, social, and personal topics. Also, I fitted in as I'm also a foreigner and not from the US, so I didn't feel like I was left out since I had friends who share the same experience as me.
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I loved the diversity at MHS. It was amazing to go to class every day and hear the diversity of languages and see the diversity of people all in one class. There were many issues with administration, and many teachers would play obvious favorites. Administration also didn't really seem to punish the kids who disrupted learning. There were a fair share of dismissive teachers who simply were there for the check, but on the other side of the coin there were a few teachers who genuinely loved to teach us students and passed their love of the subject on to us. Sometimes it felt as though you couldn't go to a teacher because they just didn't want to help you, or sent you off to ask another classmate for help. Despite this, I have formed solid relationships with many of my teachers, and the few who I knew were there for me supported me from freshman year to senior year. The guidance counselors are fantastic, they're always there to help you and I always knew they'd have my back.
Malden High is one of the most diverse schools in Massachusetts. The teachers are always willing to help and the courses that are provided to the students are challenging and interesting. One thing that I would change would include the bathroom situation. Teachers are not willing to let kids out to the bathroom as often and most of the bathrooms tend to be locked so finding a bathroom takes more time from class than it should.
I have been attending Malden high since my freshmen year. All I have known are support full teachers that want you to win and be successful. when I didn't do so well on a assignment my teachers would do the best they could to improve my grade. The best part about my school is the diversity. We have the title as most diverse in Massachusetts. As a African american boy this was very important to me. Coming into high school I never thought I was someone who would commit to being in a club. Malden high has so many clubs to join that anyone and everyone can find one that suits them. The education at Malden high was also perfect for me there was many electives that I enjoyed. Malden high is all I know but it is a good enough high school for anyone.
My experience at Malden High School great, I have made many memories there. I have met amazing teachers, and peers that make it an enjoyable environment to be in.
My experience with Malden High School was honestly a roller coaster. I had teachers that I absolutely loved and then their is the few that I disliked, but I suppose that's normal. The students aren't that bad but I would choose my liking of teachers over students. The one thing I can say though that I absolutely love is how diverse the school is! You may not think that's important to have but it most definitely make a difference, and so for that reason, I am eternally grateful.
Malden High School is diverse and friendly. The classrooms and buildings are nice, clean and well organized. The teachers in the ESL program are very helpful that I learnt English smoothly as a non native speaker. I feel like the stuff and teachers and guidance counselors are really good at their job. It's not hard to find friends if you willing to open up and reach them. Overall the school environment is friendly and supportive, and the education quality is above most public high schools I would say.
Even though I graduated, the Malden High community constantly reminds me that they are there for me in any circumstance and will continue to support my dreams post-graduation. Although the school and faculty are amazing, one thing I would change about the school is its college resource program. When going through the process last year, I felt significantly overwhelmed and found that my guidance counselors were oftentimes busy with other students and couldn't assist me to the extent that I needed. Being one of the first people in my family to attend college made the process a lot harder and confusing than it should have been if I had gained more help from my guidance counselors and college counselors. Overall I am grateful for my experience at Malden High School and the system it has given me.
The students at the school have low respect for staff and other peers. They curse at the teachers, they skip classes, there are many fights. Additionally, many students participate in the stealing at the drug store, CVS, right next to the school. Though there are many bad parts of the student body, the diversity at the school is unmatched as every class I’ve been in has had so much representation of different races in cultures. Never has white been the majority, but neither has any other race. Another amazing aspect is the connections with the teachers. The teachers at the school are vulnerable to conversations that go beyond academia, allowing them to know students and understand how their life at home is impactful to their student presence. These relationships make school more enjoyable, but the student disrespect is embarrassing on the school’s part.
Throughout my years at Malden High School, I've made many memories and learned many new things. High school prepared me for college, and any other obstacle I come across in life.
I loved Malden high because of how diverse it was, in both culture and opinions. The school had such an incredible environment, I always felt comfortable being myself and expressing myself in such a supportive group of peers and teachers. I became close to so many students from so many different cultures, and even created strong relationships with teachers who helped me to succeed and love to learn.
Staff very rude and dont help kids with bullying issues and the teachers are also the bullies. School is fake with helping all backgrounds. They put on a show for the world but inside the halls are a different story.
The teaching program is well developed but teachers need to work on their people skills. Overall it is a pretty diverse high school with lots of different groups and activities. Never a dull moment!
My time at MHS did prepare me for life after high school no doubt. They were always one step ahead when it came to the college process and made sure that everything was completed by the time the deadlines were approaching. The sports and extracurricular activies I was a part of were great and had a very close community of people who were supportive of one another. The same can be said about the teaching staff who were always willing to help out whenever a student needed help.
Going to Malden High School definitely will be one of the major highlights of my life. If you find the right people - which you definitely will be able to, since there are thousands of students to pick from - you can have a very good experience. The academics can be challenging if you choose to challenge yourself, but it makes you that much more prepared for college. You should get engaged in the clubs and sports - it makes your time after school useful and helps you feel engaged with the people around you and your community.
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I really loved my time at Malden High because helped me decide what I want to do for my career. I have had some tough teachers but they have prepared me for my college studies. The art and music department was very small but extremely dedicated to the students. Malden High was a very inclusive environment because there were people from everywhere around the world. The only downside to Malden High School was the Advanced Placement classes. The guidance counselors would push students to take these classes even when students weren't capable of actually taking said classes. Another good thing about Malden High is that it is a Bunker Hill Community College satellite where students can take dual-enrollment courses and receive college credits while in high school.
Some of the teachers are great and I made some of my closest friends at this school. The downside is the administration is not as great as other schools and it did not help prepare me for college. Also, the food is horrible!
Malden High School has tons of classes, is extremely diverse, and provides its students with opportunities that you wouldn't expect from a public school. The teachers are fantastic. The cafeterias (there are two) are above-average and have many offerings, but it's still school lunch. There's a pool. There are a lot of clubs and after-school activities. Sports teams are really good, save for the football team. Only problem really is that the school doesn't seem to have any security (inside and outside) and kids are allowed to roam around the building whenever they want. As a result of this, the boys bathrooms are always a total mess and are usually crowded with people hitting that Juul or selling each other drugs. Food from the cafeteria also ends up in places it shouldn't.
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