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Malden Catholic High School Reviews

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Without a doubt in my mind, my time at Malden Catholic was absolutely wonderful. Here, I made friends that I will remember for a very long time. The teachers were quite generous in offering their time and knowledge to the students. Without them, I wouldn’t be prepared for college and the future, so I thank each and every one of them. If I could see an improvement in anything in particular, it would be the food and the involvement in clubs. Otherwise, my time at Malden Catholic was certainly a thrilling experience.
A very good school, but sometimes overwhelming. It prepares you for college and the support of the faculty is there. The school work is the part that could be overwhelming for some, but otherwise, it tests you.
Our daughter currently attends Malden Catholic School for Girls. The academics are rigorous and demanding with plenty of Honors and AP classes to pick; the teachers and advisors are accessible and thorough; and the entire staff is helpful and caring. Moreover, the girls have never ending opportunities in leadership, volunteering, and cultural activities.
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Malden Catholic high school is a transformational experience for any high school age students of any faith. Focus on rigorous academics sports and the arts with an accessible faith based institution is hard to find. The. Faculty and staff are tremendously committed to the education of these young men and women and constantly go above and beyond expectations to deliver an amazing scholastic experience. They discern where each student is academically, socially and spiritually meet them there, and work to grow them over the course of their four years at Malden Catholic.
It is a great school, which I know is going to prepare me for college moving forward. The teachers are willing to give extra help before and after school. I learned some foundational and fundamental skill, which I had not been learning through the public educational school system. They taught me how to focus on my education. Their academics provide a rigorous course load, which prepares us for college. Not only do they teach us the curriculum required, but they also teach us important life lessons. Our school is built upon five fundamental Xaverian values that I live by everyday: Simplicity, Humility, Compassion, Trust, and Zeal.
I honestly feel bad for Malden catholic. My freshman and sophomore year were the best years of my life. But junior year hit and everything changed about the school. The kids that they started excepting definitely didn’t resemble a Malden catholic student. The food was god awful. The teachers were average (math department needs work). The sports no are just a absolute disaster. There is no more brother hood at Malden catholic. I would definitely choose Austin prep, bishop Fenwick, BC high , saint johns prep, and many others over this school. And if you are reading this while attending school TRANSFER WHILE YOU CAN NOW!
Malden Catholic is an outstanding college-preparatory high school where students are challenged to go "Plus Ultra" every day and achieve beyond their expectations. The community is anchored by passionate, experienced, and dedicated faculty who foster strong relationships with a diverse and dynamic student body, making connections that endure for life!
The school has great academics and offers a wide variety of programs for many individuals. However, the surrounding area, though in close proximity to a police station, is dangerous and has a high rate of crime.
My daughter is currently part of the inaugural class of MC school for girls. Not only are the academics and curriculum rigorous and in line with some of the top High Schools in the state (including such courses as Latin and AP History in Freshman year), but the school also fosters the growth and empowerment of girls within the school community. With sports offered every season and an abundance of clubs to choose from, the girls are exposed to many enriched opportunities to explore.
Strong education system, I definitely learned a lot in my 4 years there that ultimately led to me being thoroughly prepared for when I arrived in college.
Malden Catholic was always my first choice for high school. The one thing that I truly loved about it was the dedication and concern that the teachers gave. They were 100% devoted to the students in making sure that everyone was happy and successful both in high school and beyond. I will always be thankful to my high school teachers for where I am today at UMass Amherst!
The education is fantastic and the course workload really prepares you for college level courses. The teachers are very engaging and helpful and the sports programs are amazing.
Formerly one of the preeminent high schools in the Boston Area, the new administration has made a conscious effort to try and sabotage the boys school as much as possible. Well over 75% of the faculty has resigned/ retired since my Freshman year (this is not an exaggeration), as have nearly 50% (from 120 at Freshman orientation down to less than 70 today) of my classmates in my year alone. These stats speak for themselves, and as much as I love Malden Catholic, administration's recent actions clearly show that the school views the "School for Girls" as its future and has seemingly given up on the boys side, which was once so prominent and impactful in molding the lives of thousands of successful young men.
My experience at Malden Catholic was an exciting 4 year journey. I was lucky enough to be part of the State Championship Malden Catholic hockey team in 2016, and the warm reception that we gained from the whole community was unbelievable. Throughout my tenure at MC, each year has progressively gotten better. My senior year has been terrific and the education that I received has allowed me to be admitted into numerous competitive universities. The sense of community with the aspect of a co-divisional education brings out the abilities and skills of all students. Teachers are willing to help at Malden Catholic, and the main goal is to develop young men to succeed. Success is the end goal, and it is a very reachable fate with the dedication that the teachers display at Malden Catholic.
I really appreciated the sense of community that Malden Catholic provided me. It also has exceptional teachers who truly enjoy what they do and realize the amazing impact that have on the students.
Great experience. My daughter loved her tour there and is so excited to start her freshman year.. I am so happy for her and can't wait to see her start her new high school and meet new friends, teachers, facility...
Very Great School. Graduated here and went onto to UCLA with great readiness. I was one of the top students in my business class mainly because of not only academic skills I learned at Malden Catholic, but also the life skills you learn here are not comparable. I sent my daughter to Arlington Catholic and it is MUCH worse. MC is the best place to send your son and daughter to the newly opened girls school.
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Malden Catholic High School has challenged me into becoming a person that I never new existed. When entering as a freshman, I was a scared insecure teenager. Academically, I was challenged and put through the test as to whether I would achieve to be that honor roll student and I had succeeded. The teaching and amenities are superb, you are treated with respect and as an equal, which made my insecurities vanish. The teachers want to see you strive to be the best you can be and help you a long the way. The reason I had chosen to attend Malden Catholic High School was for the mere fact that I would receive an outstanding education, one that would prepare me for college and help me grow into the fine young man I've become. I highly recommend to any student searching for a high school. I am a student entering into my Senior year and not only looking forward to graduating, but looking forward to what my education has prepared me for, the next journey of my life.
Overall, I generally enjoyed my time at MC. I found that there were a handful of faculty members that were great educators and made strong relationships with their students which, in my opinion, defined everything positive about the school. However, the somewhat inflated grading system and fairly substantial culture of cheating is a problem that I believe has troubled smaller catholic private schools for some time, and is, for the most part, present at MC.
Though there are a number of positives at Malden Catholic, my experience has been sub-par. There are many teachers who thrive off feeling superior to students and who have a baised towards students who are good at sports. This is a school-wide idea which determines your experience at MC. If you are not good at sports, you will not be one of the "popular" kids in the school and you will catch less breaks than kids on varsity sports teams would. There are many good teachers but the ones who feed off of the power of being a teacher can make your life a living hell. Malden Catholic is a school who pays selective respect to their students despite their mission statement and I would very heavily consider how you would fit into the school before making your decision.