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Malcolm X Shabazz High School Reviews

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Malcom x shabazz high school is a great and awesome school everyone wants to attend
Marvelous ,full of laughter,educating and existing
MXS, like many other schools, is what you make of it. You won’t find any other school where the teachers are as extremely dedicated to uplifting their students. Granted, there are administrators who aren’t up to par and even students who give you bad days, but being a bulldog (our mascot) is being family. We look out for one another and without a doubt want to see our classmates succeed. Love surrounds our atmosphere and friendships even though our circumstance may be lacking. We’re inner city kids with big futures ahead of us, and our school is so impactful we will proudly claim our alumni status. Thank you.
After moving 3 times my high school years, I finally landed at Shabazz in which I was forced to follow through with and graduate. I’ve been in other schools where you know the education is no joke, the tests are all worth studying for, and the athletics are something you need to compete in because if you get in, prepare to be trained like a professional. However, Shabazz is the complete polar opposite. Teachers who don’t want to teach and students who run the classroom. A fight in each hallway, and security guards smoking up right outside our “safe zone” of a school. Overall, this whole place is a joke and I genuinely feel horrible for the teachers who’ve been there long enough to know there will never be improvement because they themselves have tried, and failed.
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Malcolm x shabazz has one of the best history I have heard. This school has outstanding teacher and lots of fun activities. The students of Malcolm x shabazz are very intelligent, fun, friendly and determined. The most interesting thing about a student of Malcolm x shabazz is that everyone of us has GOALS.
I have lots of great experience at Malcolm x like our fashion show, games, movie night, Malcolm x day even the library has what a student needs.
Malcolm x Shabazz is a safe school and a place you meet different kind of people from different countries with different cultures. Being in Malcolm x shabazz has done lots of positive things for me like having me trust myself and my teammates and being recognized NSHSS organization, giving me the opportunity of becoming a member and as a bulldog I am proud of myself and I am happy to be part of the Malcolm x family.
Malcolm X consisted of teachers who were willing to get you college and career ready. It's diverse in regards of people from around the globe attending the school.
Three years at the school was smooth sailing. My classes were fairly easy and making friends wasn't an issue. There's many opportunites the school offers. All I had to do was look for them
My junior year in Shabazz , Everything was really disorganized and all over the place. As of now the new principle is doing a very good job. The school is more organized , the staff is more professional and the academics are improving.
When I got to MXS I was scared out of my mind. I had recently transferred in from a small Liberal Arts HS in Brooklyn and wasn't prepared for the campus-like feel of MXS. It's a very big school, mostly for the athletically talented but there's a space for everyone. School spirit it intense. I ended up joining the cheer squad, geochemistry team, and two honors societies. There are so many resources, there isn't any reason why a person shouldn't make it out Shabazz. The coaches, teachers and other staff actually care about their students and the principal is so involved, he knows every student by name and gpa.
This school is what you call a “potential” prison. It’s just disgusting honestly. The money and whatever else only goes to the football team. There are a select few teachers that care about you and your future but the rest really don’t.
School is not bad, make sure you hang with the right people and focus. Not many people in the AP courses, but if it’s best for you get in those classes.
Academically, I was given many opportunities to prove my intelligence around others, and how much of a leader I am. With these given opportunities, I've been a top ten student in my class for most of my years in this school. Also, I was thankfully inducted into the National Honors Society, a society that consists a group of students with a GPA of a 3.0 and up, and show leadership skills.
My high school experience here was about average. Some of the teachers and staff would make an effort to connect with the students while others were just there to earn their paycheck. The building itself made me feel like I was trapped inside of prison and the cafeteria needs a major fund because the food they fed us there was atrocious. During the summer the heat inside of the school would make me and many of my peers uncomfortable to learn. The school sports department mainly revolves around football and basketball. They had to cut the soccer and golf teams as well.
Malcolm X shabazz high school is a good school that gives students the opportunity to achieve their goals ranging from studying to one-on-one help from teachers when required. Malcolm X shabazz enrolls excellent students who graduates in time.
the extracurricular programs we have are some sports, band, garden club, and some teachers may offer tutoring
One of my favorite experiencing at this school was freshmen year when there were a lot of electives and pep rally maybe every month. That what made me say this isn't bad after all because the principal wasn't strictly academics , he believed in a little fun . Now its strictly school work which why the students attendance is super low. I wouldn't choose this school again because i don't fit in with the people here. They are rowdy while I'm claim .
I have been honor classes since my freshmen year so I can not really give my opinion on all of them. From the teachers I have met seems to really care about the students understanding the later , they even offer there time during lunch or after school.
Their is a non bullying policy
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They had sister hood groups, brotherhood groups, technology groups, art clubs and etc.
At this school it was kind of comfortable because everyone treats you nice , you get a lot of assistance with things and they have a lot of activities for you to get into.
I believe the teachers in my school are great because they take time to help the students out when they are in need of it and they do a very well job of it and that's what type of teachers students need in the school.
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