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Malcolm Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I like how it is a small school and you get to know everyone. The teachers know who you are and they learn a lot about you which helps when learning. They will try and find different ways to help you learn and get the most that you can out of school. I don't really like how we don't have very many clubs or extracurricular activities. We have like common sports, many kids find a different school if they don't have the activities or classes desired. We have common classes also. We don't have tough optional classes to choose from, like AP classes. Almost everyone takes the same classes.
malcolm junior/senior high is a very good school, the student teacher ratio is amazing, and gives you a personal connection to each and every student and the teachers can help you one on one in the class room, which is especially helpful if you do not understand something. The students are very kind and always willing to help, and welcome new students with open arms. The food is quite good with the option of breakfast and lunch. Since the preschool through senior year is all in one building it gives the students a great opportunity to connect with the younger students and encourage them and be a good role model. Overall I think Malcolm Public Schools is a great school to go to and would highly reccomend.
One of my favorite things about my high school is the community we have created within it. I love the advantage we have as a small town school. We are a family and are always very supportive of each other.
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The answer to your health concern questions is go home and get to the doctor.
The school does have some policies for behavioral issues however the disciplinary measures usually aren't extreme.
The school does have a salad option, but that is the only option for students that may need special diets.
There are some teachers that are very good at what they do and in turn students are very good at those subjects. Other teachers are poor at best. The science department is lacking good teachers, yet the math teachers are extremely talented.
We have nice facilities compared to the other schools in our district. We definitely stand out compared to the other schools.
The athletics at this school are an almost expected involvement for every student. Every student is provided with ample opportunities to participate in a sport even though there are only a few sports offered.
The school is too set on catering to the needs of the class as a whole. I believe they need to facilitate to the needs of the individual more. Higher level classes need to be established and some students need more of a one on one environment to help them gain an understanding of the homework.
My counselor is awesome! She helps me through any problem or concern. She does a better job than my own principal..
They judge you the minute they meet you. Also if you do one thing that isn't their standards you're booted. They are what we call "fake" They talk bad about people behind their backs. I strongly don't like here.
It is supposed to be healthy, but half of it is like rubber! We only get 4 chicken nuggets! I swear we get fake meat! I refuse to eat lunch anymore.
Some teachers are better than others here.
They really mostly care about sports. The students not in sports kind of feel like an outcast. The rich known people in this town are in their own little clicks...
Mostly all we have are sports, band, choir, FBLA, and that is about it.. I wish we had more. We also have StuCo..
We have never had any bomb threats, or serious lockdowns. Since I go to a small school, not much happens! The most that has happened, was that I drunk person was walking around town, so we had to stay in our classrooms, in case he tried to break in.
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Here at Malcolm High School, we have a pretty laid back dress code. We can wear mostly anything as long it isn't inappropriate. We can wear spaghetti strap tops, or strapless tops. And our clothes cannot be see-thru. I agree with our dress code, and think it's very reasonable.
Malcolm High School is a very good school! I have some of the most amazing teachers! They have taught me so many things over the past four years! I do go to a small school, so everyone knows my business. But I do like going to Malcolm High School! I have great friends, and have made awesome memories! If I had to go here again, I would!
The school is pretty like most schools in the area as far as athletics go. I am a firm believer that our school systems are not nearly challenging enough for any student in our nation. We should have a much more advanced curriculum to keep up with other countries. Too many people just don't try and expect good grades. Sadly enough, many of them get the good grades without trying at all. It's quite sad, really.
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