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I loved everything about Malakoff High School. My school was great at preparing us for college. It's filled with a great cheerful atmosphere. Student teacher relation are excellent. There are many clubs and activities for every person. The teachers do their best to make sure you understand the content they are teaching. Overall the school is very safe and you can feel very welcomed and included. My favorite thing during my experience was how close I become with some of my teachers. It helped connect with my learning better. The food was pretty good to considering it was school food, my favorite item was our tiger bowl... Now that was the best. Malakoff gave me the opportunity to meet new friends and I have made best friends. I also appreciate how much my school helped me an my family. Our school started a non-profit organization to help families in need all over. Malakoff High School gave me some of the most memorable moments of my life and it will always hold a place in my heart!!!
I love how good the education program is here at Malakoff High School! Though, there can be disrespectful students the teachers always handle them with full respect and nothing bad ever happens here! I overall love the teachers and staff here without a doubt! It is an excellent school, and I would definitely recommend this school!
I like Malakoff. It is the only school I have attended. We have really strong athletics and art departments. We have been awarded many things for good academics. We are working to make our school better for everyone one step at a time.
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I like the fact that I was able to take college classes. When I graduated, I ended up with 40 hours of dual credit. I would change the fact that we were allowed to do a lot of things with school spirit.
Malakoff High school has been an amazing experience. Except for that one time when a girl was caught with coke in the bathroom.
Stuff happens, like fights or drama just like any other school and some of the teachers could care more and teach more, but I love malakoff, a few teachers there make it really good and the staff members in the office, such as mr. bently, assitant princple and band director, to our higher educator coornator who also teaches english 2! Lets not forgot Mrs. Hancock who legit would go in her kitchen and make you some food without expectin anything in return!
Malakoff is a very good school and has a very well maintained environment for students and teachers.
love the school. great teachers and staff. had a great experience at their campus while attending high school.
Throughout the four years of being at Malakoff High School, I have had the best experience. I was a student athlete, playing volleyball and basketball. I couldn't ask for better teammates and coaches. I was also in a class that worked with the special needs kids for two years. Interacting with the special needs kids at our school was a great experience for me. The principal and teachers are great as well. I learned a lot from them. They are the reason I am the person that I am today. I would like to see Malakoff High School expand, and become a bigger school in the future.
Malakoff is a very well-rounded school district. We succeed in almost every extracurricular activity, and I do not just mean sports. Our sports teams' typically go to post-season every year. Academics also go to regionals and even state every year. What I love about Malakoff is that everyone knows everyone. If something tragic or even spectacular, the whole community comes together and it truly is a wonderful thing to experience no matter what the circumstance is. One thing about Malakoff that I would like to see change, is the balance between sports and academics. Each side goes into post-season but academics usually gets pushed to the side.
Malakoff High School is a small town school. It is small but the amazing people that I came to know made that place seem like home. So many things I came to learn throughout those four years. Years I could never forget or want to forget. The teachers I had came to teach me alot about who I wanted to learn from, my coach who I came to respect because he pushed me to cross my boundaries and stay strong, my counselor who never failed to help me when it came time to apply for colleges, scholarships and just prepare me for the real world after I graduated; and of course my classmates. The classmates I saw for four straight years. Who I became apart of even if it was just for four years. I may not see them much these days but they stay in my memories and hope them the very best. It was a good high school to attend and graduate from. I made amazing memories and friends while I attended. Will never forget this school. Malakoff is my hometown.
The students at Malakoff are very diverse. There are almost an equal amount of Hispanics, African-Americans, and whites that attend. There are also many open homosexuals at our school, though the female to male ratio of that is quite diverse. I have seen multiple occasions where a student has tried to peer pressure another student, and after the latter's no clear statement of "no", the pressuring was ceased.
The workload is very easy for some classes, and others it seems like the teacher assumes that after school the students go home and have time to do homework until they fall asleep. Our Pre-Calculas teacher hands out homework and never explains how to complete it. It's very stressful, especially for those that have jobs. Most of the tutoring is done during the lunch period, but that takes away time for students to eat, and some students only have half days where it's impossible to come in during lunch, since they're already gone.
I feel very safe when inside the school or at school related functions. The community is very safe, so the school's measures of safety correlates with the town and surrounding areas.
There are many clubs and organizations available at Malakoff High School, and from what I hear from other students, they are very fun, popular, and a lot of support from the administration, but I have no first hand experience with them.
When I first started high school, I joined the marching band. It was a fun experience, but I had no friends there so I quickly got out, in spite of the fact that the band directors were great men and care very much about their students. The coaching staff was excellent. They took very good care of their athletes. Even me when I had 3 separate concussions. The NHS program always had activities for the students to keep up morale, something that I'm sure nearly everyone appreciated. The principal and vice principal were very friendly and would regularly call students into there offices to make sure they were doing okay, mentally and physically. Also, they were always quick to notice if a students grades had suddenly decline, and to take action as best as they could. My high school experience was an amazing journey that I cant wait to look back on and relish when I'm older.
I think that Malakoff High school is very safe. We all have student Id's the teachers do as well. The doors stay locked you have to have a code to come through. When a visitor comes they have to sign in at the office. Parents are the only ones aloud to bring food to the students.
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There are lots of after school activities. We have fccla which helps with our community.
I would choose to come to this school again if I could. Everyone is friendly and everyone is family. Everybody works together to make Malakoff high school the best school. My favorite experiences are the football games. The whole community comes together to cheer on the football boys.
The teachers at Malakoff High school are excellent at helping students. All of the teachers put there time and effort into helping us students get better. The teachers teach using the real world concepts. When there is ever a problem with students struggling the teachers always listen and try to help.
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