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Malad Senior High School Reviews

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Malad High School is a family. The teachers care for the students and strive to help them with every aspect of life. The athletics are amazing and the coaches support the academic side. The community is very supportive to the students and athletes also.
Malad High School is an awesome place to learn! I feel like the students get an abundant amount of one on one attention from the teachers, and they go out of their way to make sure the children are learning and keeping up with the curriculum.
I have enjoyed attending Malad HIgh School. I love my classmates and many of my teachers. I enjoy the students and what we do. It is a small school so we are missing some opportunities that other schools provide but it is a good school.
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My experience at Malad has been very good. I have learned a lot and have had so many experiences. Malad has a very good academic program. The teachers make sure that you have the best education that you could get.
The teachers are really good at what they do. But there is no consistency in rules and employees. There is little opportunity to express creativity.
It is such an amazing school! I have learned so much from the coaches, teachers, and peers. The student environment is so friendly, we treat each other like family! Our events are mostly student held hang we always have great energy! this school has given me and so many students different hands on learning opportunities. such as job shadowing, EMT/EMR work, CNA, and so many more! The clubs are so fun to be involved in, there is always a need for more members and we get them!
Malad High School has some very high highs, and some very low lows. There are a handful of amazing teachers, and a handful of sub-par teachers. I had 4 different principles through my time at Malad High School. This caused for a lot of confusion, and readjusting. Malad High is in a rebuilding stage. It will become a 5 star school again, it just needs some work to get there.
I would like to see the student body become more unified as a whole. I believe that many of the students struggle to see each other in a different light than the activities they do. I believe if students supported everyone in their various and diverse events they would have more of an understanding for one another.
Malad is very small, and you know basically everyone you go to school with. I had excellent opportunities while attending Malad, especially regarding academics. I was able to take duel enrollment college courses, and that got me ahead of the game when starting college.
I have lived in Malad for my entire life. I remember being younger and couldn't wait until I was able to be apart of Malad High School! Throughout my past four years, I have experienced four different principals. I would really like to see a consistent one at the school. Malad has the best teachers. They really care about not only our education but our lives as well. We are offered many classes and have the opportunity to try just about anything out! We have something for everybody. The students at Malad are some of the best kids you can meet! Even though we are very diverse. We also have one of the coolest mascots! The dragons! I would not want to go to any college anywhere else!
Malad has great teachers and offers college courses. They are a small high school just under 400 students, so the teacher to student ratio is low. More one on one teaching and support.
One thing in particular that I really cared for was the amount of support and love from all of the parents at extra curricular activities like volleyball, basketball, baseball, etc,. Parents are super supportive and love attending the events. Even if you don't know the parent, you would get a "good job" compliment after the game.
Most of the teachers were very caring about their students and their grades. The teachers wanted to see their student succeed and made it possible for everyone to work in a good healthy environment.
Its a good school, it's just not outstanding. They could have better teachers and better coaches if they were willing to pay better and fight for the most qualified staff.
I would chose somewhere else because of the teachers.
Though the school doesn't have everything it needs financially speaking. It does well for what has been given it. They do need more help but the staff us passionate in what they do.
There is not a lot of diversity in this small town. I really wish that I would have had the opportunity to join more groups that were for Hispanics. I have had great teachers and have met amazing friends at this school. I would probably not choose to start here again just to see how it would have been in a different location.
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Sometimes some of the food tastes a like fake. Overall it is good tasting food. There is free breakfast that every student takes and fills you up very well.
Our principal does try very hard in order for us to have the best technology for us to be up to date. Sometimes we feel behind or we are not allowed to do as much because our administration listens too much to our parents. They focus on religion sometimes than what we really need to focus on.
We don't really have a variety of students in our school. There are many of the same students that all of the sports.
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