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I have been going to Makua Lani since I was in 1st grade. They have always pushed me to be the best I can. My teachers have never given up on me, even when I wanted to. They have become my mentors, my friends, and my biggest supporters. I can truly say I don't know who I would be without every teacher I have had. I love them.
I learned so much in this school and am so thankful I was able to attend it for 5 years. The teachers are really the epitome of the school's dynamic and it wouldn't be the same without them. The only change I would advise is to make sure the textbooks contain unbiased and relevant information for students to learn about.
Makua Lani Christian School is an excellent place to both get a good education and grow spiritually. The teachers are all very friendly and nice, and there is a real sense of community and family because the school is so small.
Everyone know each other, there's no bullying or exclusion.
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I love how close of a community the school is. Everyone is friends with everyone because there is a small student body, but that makes for closer relationships which is awesome. Not much I wish could be changed.
What I love about Makua Lani is there love for
Jesus Christ. The faculty are open to share with you the word of God. They are all so loving and are real servants of God!
I have attended Makua Lani since preschool and I cannot be more thankful for the extraordinary experience this school has given me. The school carries an atmosphere of encouragement and love which causes us all to feel like one big family. The teachers care about each student personally; they really desire to see the students succeed and not just pass a class. One thing I would like to see changed in Makua Lani is the spiritual apathy in students. This is a hard thing to change for it is more dependent on the students, but the school can rethink how to influence the student's in their spiritual lives in a more effective way.
Makua Lani Christian School is great. The small size allows everyone to bond and create intimate relationships. The school feels like one big family. The teachers are excellent, and they truly care for the students.
The teachers at Makua Lani are astounding. They are always interacting with the students and are always willing to go above and beyond to help out the students.
Makualani Christian Academy is a outstanding school. Teaching young adults to grow in God. With a Christ centered atmosphere these kids are able to have good Godly friendships, with the help of no phones. Kids there love it, we dont judge, we accept people for the way they are. This christian school has rules just like any other school but we are differnet in ways, such as: dresscode, no phones, no computers unless given permission too. At this school we do activity no other school would do. We, have GIG week (getting into God week) and Lions cup.
This is the school that helped me cultivate my faith and be strong. 10/10 would choose this school again.
Clubs are a new occurrence at our school and still are being developed.
The school offers sports for everyone to become involved in. I believe 90% of students are involved in athletics. Games are a big deal to go and support. The facilities are meager, but growing.
Its extremely cheap and easy to eat.
the school makes effort to integrate the upperclassmen and lowerclassmen and to also base the student culture in Christian disciple ship. Every Tuesday the school is divided into girls and guys prayer groups, an twice a year a week called Getting Into God week is devoted to uplifting the spiritual atmosphere on campus and in the students.
all depends on how much the student wants to take out of class. the atmosphere is very laid back, so honor roll students, even though they're called "overachievers", are quite average compared to the mainland. however, because classrooms are so small, there are plenty of quality teacher and student time on a more personal and attentive level. it also depends on the teacher, whether it's an honors AP teacher or just a normal one.
parents are very much involved because some parents are on the administrative board. Soccer moms and such volunteer a lot for the sake of the teams and the school's entire student population (which is pretty small). some teachers and the vice principal are parents or siblings to the students, and many others know each other since childhood. thus, the school has a very family atmosphere to it.
nothing happens, but sometimes during assemblies on the second floor of an old termite-eaten wooden building, you fear the building's going to collapse. but it's more of a joking matter.
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you know they teach not for the money, but because they want to reach out to the younger generations.
a warm atmosphere where students and teachers genuinely care for each other.
3/4th of the school is involved in sports.
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