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It was nice creating a bond with peers over the 8 year course. There are always lack of teachers, not enough rigorous courses, and important issues don't get brought into the light. The school tends to focus more on the looks of the school and the money rather than the problems that need to get brought awareness and action. There is lack of diversity, not enough teacher and student support, and suggestions get pushed aside during important board meetings.
Making Waves Academy in Richmond Ca is an unbelievable experience for any student. You get in through a raffle to start fifth grade. If you have siblings who previously attended you get in automatically. If you didnt get in during that raffle, it is hard to get in after, usually, no one enters after the beginning of fifth grade. From fifth to eighth grade is middle school and ninth to twelfth grade is "upper school" aka High school. The setting at the school is great, yet the teacher retention rate is low. Many of the teachers I had are no longer there.
I loved the community and the environment that making waves has. Its more of a family at this school. I think its a great school. Something that I would change is consistency at this school
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Being at Making Waves since 5th grade was pretty beneficial to me. I was able to develop myself as a student and as a person because I was encouraged to think outside of the box and better myself. All of the teachers that were there encouraged me to think harder and always pushed me to do my best.
Making Waves Academy is a good school, with a good education system. They push you so that you can go to college. Some teachers aren't the best, but most teachers try to help you so that you succeed. They also try to push you so that you can pursue the career you want. The campus is very nice and very big. It is usually clean because the have a good cleaning team. Also being in that school since 5th grade helps to create deep connections with your class, especially since the school is not big as in the number of students.
As a junior at Making Waves Academy, I can honestly say that the resources provided by Making Waves is no better, in fact some might worse, than those provided by a public school.
I graduated from Making Waves Academy in 2018 and was a student there for 8 years. I am still in contact with them as I am in a program called CAP to help me through college. Making Waves is a small school with mostly Latinos. Since the school is small and your stuck with the same people for 8 years the community is a 100 percent safe and close. There was a lot of bonds between the students and the teachers. Making Waves always made sure to prepare all the students for college and gave many resources to become succesful.
Being 8 years at the school I saw a lot of change. The teachers were always the best, but as time went by a lot of the best teachers moved on and it hasnt been the same. The teachers were awesome but now the school became pretty average. There are a lot of behavioral issues with the students. The school was awesome but now not so much.
My experience as a student at making waves academy was pretty good. There were several aspects of the school that contributed to those positive feelings. Firstly, I like that Making Waves was a small school that allowed teachers to help students effectively. The teachers and administration were very involved with there students which made it comfortable for people to approach teachers when we needed help and assistance. Secondly, the fact that parent meetings happen pretty often was good because parents are able to be up to date with school events and activities. Overall I enjoyed my years at Making Waves Academy.
During my time at Making Waves, I definitely felt that I was adequately prepared for college-level courses. When I attended Making Waves, it was still an extremely small school community, comprised of around eight hundred students total. It felt focused because of its size, as if there was more attention/ support devoted to individual students rather than always being addressed as a group.
I liked that Making Waves was very organized and college preparing. Something I would like to see changed was having more space for physical activities.
Administration for the most part is incompetent, it seems like there in competition to see who can throw who under the bus 1st. They seem to have a abundance of funding but this year cut staff so it seems like they dont have enough adult eyes watching the kids. Recipe for disaster and very disappointing
I liked that they supported the seniors in their college search journey. They were with us in every step of the way.
I like that my school has had some of the most dedicated teachers. These teachers were willing to help their students with everything even beyond school work. They are invested in their student's overall holistic success.

I would change, however, the fact that my school has bred an atmosphere of competition and contempt amongst the student body. This was shown when leaders in the administration often take objective reviews of the students they govern like test scores. Test scores and academic intelligence is very big to them. This has led to student feeling burnt out and restricted.
Excellent facilities, prepering in advance all parents and students paperwork, good formation from the school to the parents. Good parents and teacher remind app comunication.
I like how small the school and the fact that there are renovating the school and adding more land/space to the campus. I also like how diverse the school is. The school does have trouble keeping good teachers. One other thing they could work on is listening to the students opinions and learning from it.
Making Waves focuses soley on looking competitive and well-established to entice more donors, in doing so they spend all their funds on expanding the school disregarding the school pandemic of teachers leaving due to the toxicity of the workplace. Moreover, they foster unhealthy competition between students, where everyone is seen as a rivalry and SAT/ AP scores are displayed in front of the whole school. They ignore actual problems in the school like complaints against staff in favor of their seniority/loyalty to the school. They implant the idea of college readiness from the second we enroll and convinced us that any mistakes we make will affect our college acceptance status. We were taught as 5th graders than failure in school would mean failure in life.
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It was an exciting opportunity to be a part of one of the top schools in the bay area that provided a better educational opportunity for a group of student from a low income community. There are strong relationships built among students and staff members !
Something I really liked about Making Waves is that they really care about our future and they really prepare us for it. I really recommend this school for kids because they teach young since the 5th grade how the real world is and what to expect.
Making Waves Academy has been a school many of my peers have taken for granted. We live in a community where the public schools that are available to us are filled with violence, lack resources, and have no interest in the students. Making Waves Academy has provided robust facilities, great curriculum, and teachers who care about us the students. With that, my experience has been very good now that I think about. Just by going to Making Waves Waves, I was able to drift away from joining gangs, breaking the law, and dropping out of school. I have friends who didn't get the opportunity of attending Making Waves Academy and they have been in and out of jail, and selling drugs. I am comfortable at Making Waves because I know my community cares about me. I can talk to a therapist when I want to and I can talk to a teacher who I trust. Overall Making Waves has given me the opportunity of a lifetime, something that I will cherish forever.
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