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Maize South Middle School Reviews

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I have never not felt safe at this school. Not once.
There really isn't a set standard of involvement for most clubs, you just get out what you put in, which makes it fun for everyone. Even people who have crazy schedules.
Most everyone cares about each other. It's like being in a family. On Fridays that buzz that carries around the school is special, so many opportunities for anything you want to do. Science Olympiad was a ton of fun.
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Sometimes one student can be held back a little bit from going further because the peers around him are not has smart and the teacher wants to make sure everyone understands the concept. However, the teachers at Maize South Middle do a great job of finding ways to challenge all students. They really care about getting students ready for the jump to high school, then to college.
We have the ability to file anonymous bully reports and we can talk to a teacher, principal or counselor if we feel unsafe at anytime. The school is kept very clean.
There are many clubs and organizations available to students. Most require a fee and meet during the school day.
My experience at Maize South High School has been wonderful. Going to football games was definitely my favorite part of high school. I would choose this school if I could go to high school all over again.
I have never had a bad teacher while attending Maize South High School.
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