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My teachers did everything they possibly could in their power to set me up for success in college. If I did not have their help with learning 'how to learn' and 'how to study,' I would not be so far ahead of my peers now. I am on track to graduate undergraduate school early, and I definitely have my high school faculty to thank for that opportunity. The counselors are also the best in the state. They got me through very difficult family times and mental health set backs that I experienced in high school. I also had the ability to start my own club, be an athlete, and excel academically all at the same time with the help and understanding of my teachers.
The teachers are amazing and all help prepare you for life out of high school. Also they help prepare you for college content.
I enjoy going to school at Maize South for many reasons however there are many things that need to improve. For one, there are too many students for the size of the school. Each class sits around 30 students and often times there aren't enough desks for all the students. Also, there is only one exit to get out of the school so it is very hard to get out of the school. In addition to all of that, the administration is very strict. The students are only allowed to say a few things at sport events and it makes it very hard to enjoy the competitive side of sports.
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I have had a pretty good experience at Maize South for the most part. The athletic programs are great; however, they are a bit bias on who the coaching staff is for their sports. They like to hire teachers as the coaches, even if an amazing coach applies teachers come first. At sports events they faculty doesn't really let us cheer or show school spirit like others schools. They literally stand at the bottom and only allow us to say "Let's go Mavs". Disappointed with the size of the school as well. Sing it is a growing school and achieves a lot of awards, they should've planned out the size of the school better. It is WAY too small, and can hardly fit the kids in it.
I love how involved the students are throughout their high school careers at Maize South High School. The administration are great with letting the students be independent and granting certain freedoms to the students. I would definitely change the range of diversity and culture at the school because its majority Caucasian.
Maize South High School opened up many opportunities for not only me, but for the rest of the students who attend. I will be graduating with a whole year of college credit already done. This school has prepared me for what college will be like and has always challenged me the past four years.
The best thing about Maize South High School is the teachers. The teachers are just absolutely amazing. They truly care about the students. They want to make sure every single student is successful not only in school but in their future. The atmosphere at Maize South is amazing and everyone truly cares about each other. The counselors are also so amazing. They always have the students best interest at mind. They always try to prepare the students for success. A lot of homework and resources are online but the school provides a good, fast laptop so that every student has the opportunity to get their homework done. I have had an amazing experience at Maize South.
Great teachers! Very strict school the principals could maybe melo down to make sporting events more fun for the students but they help make sure you get the grades you need for the future. Overall if you want your kid to have people over them to make sure they get the grades Mav time will motivate them a lot if you have a D you cannot compete in sports or do anything in your free time with your friends so you want to make sure you keep the grades up to get all your benefits.
At Maize South High School, I have been graciously granted with several new and unique opportunities unlike other high schools. At MSHS starting as a sophomore, college credit is offered. This is very convenient because it allows students to rack up many hours of college credit, so they can spend less in college! At the end of the 2017 school year, we started "Mavtime" which allows students to roam the halls during what should be study time, if their grades are up to par. If the grades are not met, the student must go to that designated teacher until further notice. Mavtime has given students the freedom and a break from standardized school days; it is outstanding.
Maize South is a very good school that takes education to another level. It has a lot of opportunities for students to shine and develop while they are in school. The teachers are always positive when it comes to their students and will always try to help them in any way possible. They always welcome people with open arms and they are very hospitable to newcomers. They treat students with the utmost care and respect because they believe that they will be the ones responsible for the future. There are endless college courses fitted for every student that wants to pursue their course for college. The school has limitless resources when it comes to subjects. The school facilities are very clean and it is completed with what every student needs.
I love the teachers and how they care about every student. Everyone there is willing to help you with whatever you need.
Maize South was an incredible high school to attend, as it was small in class size and allowed us to be a more close-knit group of students than one would imagine possible in a high school. I remember trying to hide in the shadows during my first year and finding it impossible as their student inclusion is through the roof. I walked in on the first day of freshman year not knowing anyone, then entered the second semester with extraordinary friends and the plan to sign up for at least three different clubs. Almost everyone knew one another by name, even the most popular students who were amongst the nicest. Not only was the school more like a large family, the administration went to great lengths to ensure we were provided with extensive opportunities for our future, including a large range of college-credit classes.
I loved Maize South. The teachers are all amazing and the school is nice and provides what it needs to. The administration is somewhat dispassionate in the building's students and don't go out of their way to talk to or get involved with them. They are also way too strict on some things and it does not make sense to anyone, including teachers at times.
Overall, Maize South High School is just as good as any other high school in the area. It offers plenty of college opportunities that range from earning college credits to offering trips to colleges. The academics are extremely in depth, and the teachers are knowledgeable in their areas. The highlight of this school, though, is the counselors. The counselors offer so many different services from college and career readiness to offering a safe environment for students. Beyond that, it's just like any other school. It does its job well and gets done what needs to be done.
Maize South High School gives me a sense of a new family when it comes to sports or activities. There is never a time where you feel alone during the school day. I am a part of the school's marching band and I am a current Drum Major. This band feels like a whole new family to me because together, we work hard, play hard, and we do it as one big "tribe" throughout the season. Many clubs offer this same type of "family". Whether it's a sport or if it is a ridiculous club (like Epic Dice-Roll club), there is always a fit for a student and the faculty try their best to make it seem like a home. Even if a student does not like feel like they are apart of something, we will always feel free to try to drag them into something that includes their interest, even if it means making a whole new club itself.
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Amazing counseling dept!!! However admin and most faculty allow athletes to do what they want then they punish other students for the same actions or less.
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Personally my teacher that I have had troughout Maize South High School have been amazing and pushed me to be the best I can be.
All the teachers are Maize South High School truly do care about the students and their education. As well as many of the students are friendly and welcoming to new students.
The teachers are amazing, and the academics are amazing. An issue at Maize South High School is the administration involvement and leadership. The students aren't trusted with autonomy despite being a very respectable school. Also, nearly every student who attends Maize South is wealthy, so the students often times act and appear pretentious and self-absorbed.
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