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Maize Senior High School Reviews

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Loved all the teachers and the staff there. The opportunities for athletics, art, and clubs were great! The classes were very well kept up and I loved learning there.
My experience at Maize High School was overall great. We have great learning tools and we are prepped for what comes after school. The teachers make a huge effort to make sure that your learning experience is the best that it can possibly be, and they try to create strong relationships with their students. We have many opportunities that most schools couldn't even imagine having such as the Maize Career Academy. School has been a place where I feel very comfortable and I look forward to going everyday.
There are multiple good things I loved about Maize High! To start the teachers are great. They are always prepared and super nice. I almost always love being class. I have made some life-long friends at Maize high, whom have made me a better person. Although, the one thing I would like to see a change at Maize High is the diversity.
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Excellent staff, service, very clean and everyone is very friendly. The teachers are amazing and so are the events the school puts on. Pneumonal school.
Maize high school widened my horizons and helped prepare me for college. Not only did I enter college with 26 credits from dual credit classes, I was prepared for the structure and demand of college classes. The teachers and staff and extremely helpful and dedicated to helping students succeed. When I was in a dark spot, they helped me through and graduate when I didn’t think that was possible. I own my success to going to this high school, if I hadn’t gone there, I don’t know where I would be in my academic life.
I really enjoyed my experience at Maize! This public school gave my a lot of options for curriculum as they had an honors program and an AP program. I was highly involved in high school, however we didn't do a great job at maintaining diversity in the different clubs. The people who were involved, were involved in every club.
When attending Maize High School I had an excellent experience. I am a senior at MHS currently completing my last class online. The resources they have for every kind of student are extraordinary and the administration along with teachers do their best for you. Going here for my high school experience was a good choice in my opinion because I have made life long friends, got involved in many activities, all while getting a great education.
Loved going to school here. I felt like I fit in well here amongst my peers and teachers. The teachers, counselors, and principle does everything they can to make the school a safe and fun place to be.
This school has an amazing arts and science department, I really felt like a part of a family, which is something I didn't have at home. I do with that I could have spent more time there so I could learn more because the teachers don't simple spew information and then expect you to ace a test the next day. They genuinely care about the students' well being and their education process.
Maize High School is a fully accredited public high school located in Maize, Kansas, United States, serving students in grades 9-12. The current principal is Dr. Chris Botts. Maize High School is one of two high schools located within the city limits of Maize, Kansas.
The staff is always friendly and eager to help with homework or test prep. The wide variety of courses provides the students with many opportunities to explore various career options. Competitive sports and numerous clubs are available to encourage involvement within the student body.
It's okay. Somethings could be better like that bathrooms and the food. Most of the teachers are good at their job. They have really good teaching skills and are very helpful. The administration is okay. Sometimes they do a good job and other times they aren't the best at their job. The school counselors on the other hand aren't the greatest in the world. They are very rarely that helpful. The only time that they are really helpful is when trying to change your schedule. The Maize High building itself probably could use some work done on it but the MCA connected to it is wonderful. I love the classes that I've taken in there. The clubs and actives at the school are great. We always have something going on whether its a play or just a club meeting, something is usually going on. The school culture is usually pretty good. Mostly everyone has school spirit and goes to the games to cheer on our athletes.
I've loved my time at Maize High School. The school is generally very inclusive and has lots of clubs to join. We also have a lot of fine arts options, lots of art classes, band, orchestra, choir, and drama. Sports are also super popular, we have a great football team. We also have a newspaper staff and broadcasting. Maize high is a great high school to help you discover what you like because there are so many options and classes you can take
My four years at Maize High School has been an amazing experience. The school offers many opportunities for students and is accepting of all groups of people. The staff and administration, overall, has been great.
Maize High School is an amazing school to go to. I have been here for four years now and I feel that the education I received could not have been better. The teachers are very involved and sincerely care about the students. There are many different opportunities for everyone here. Anything someone may be interested, we almost always have. I could have not asked for a better school to go to and I feel that I am very ready to go to college all because of Maize High School.
I have enjoyed my time in the Maize School District. I have been involved in clubs and sports while attending Maize. One of the best parts of being a student at MHS is the administration. They are very involved. They care about all of the students and build relationships with each and everyone of them. They are easy to go and talk to in regards to academics and even in regards to personal issues.
Maize High School is an overall very good school. Many different types of people can be found here which makes it a diverse school. The teachers are unrivaled and love to teach and help their students go on to thrive. If I had to change something, I'd say that the temperature needs to be controlled more. One day a classroom could be 50 degrees and the next it could be almost 80.
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Although I am appreciated of the educations and the teach Maize provides, I'm just upset they took out senior quotes. I've been looking forward to senior quotes since I was in middle school at Maize.
Mediocre faculty and an abysmal administration. The school cannot budget properly. The rules are draconian as students are restricted in every way imaginable. There's hardly any AP courses and only 2 computer science classes taught by teachers that had 0 knowledge of the subject matter.
The school is constantly updating curriculum to ensure students are ready for college or trade school.
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