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Though I'm only halfway through high school, I've absolutely adored my experience so far. Everyone there is so helpful and the staff truly wants nothing more than to brighten our futures. Everyone does everything they can to keep each other safe and every event is always fun filled. Anytime time there's been a major problem, our faculty took immediate action to shut it down. They're as understanding of problems as possible and try to save us from any major consequences even if they seem deserving. I look forward to my next two years here and I couldn't ask for a better experience.
Mainland is a great high school. The staff are amazing and helpful and the enviroment is mostly welcoming. Our pricipal is strict, but keeps the students in line. Like all schools, it has its issues, but overall Mainland is a great place to learn and plants good roots for moving on in the future!
They have a lot of drugs there, to many fights with students... the teachers dont do anything to stop fights. The security guards r not there on time to stop a fight
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I love Mainland Regional High School! I am a senior and I have been taught so many things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life! The teachers are so helpful, the janitors are sweet in their spirits, and there are so many opportunities at Mainland. They have helped me apply to colleges and have stayed with me during the difficult process. The faculty and administration care about your safety and your wellbeing. They are there to help you achieve success and that’s what I love about Mainland Regional High School!
I really enjoyed my experience at Mainland, especially in the history and english departments. What I found to be lacking is the math department, the teachers are really not helpful in any way. I do however, found the administration as a whole to be very understanding and accommodating to students who need extra assistance. It was a nice environment but lacked diversity in terms of both student and teacher populations.
However, what is really great about Mainland, is that most of the staff who work there are alumni, and wanted to come back to either teach, or work in the school administration.
At Mainland, there were so many clubs to choose from, but none that helped minority students, like myself, feel a sense of belonging at a predominantly white school. I often found myself feeling like an outsider because no one else really looked like me. I recommend that the administrators at Mainland Regional High School should make diversifying a priority. Creating clubs aimed for students of different ethnicities would give students a sense of community and would help them feel not alone. Another idea would be to give months like Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month more recognition. The school could have assemblies and guest speakers come to talk to the students about the importance of diversity. I believe these suggestions will help Mainland Regional High School prepare all students to enter the real world. The real world has a lot of diversity.
I had a good experience academic and sports wise. There are many opportunities that are offered at this school. This includes clubs, sports, internship and scholarship opportunities. The school also provides many AP classes and some courses of dual enrollment. Many of the sports teams have been very successful throughout the past years.
Mainland provided me with a good basis to start my college career. Teachers would work with you to make sure you were actually learning and not just memorizing. It's a beautiful and tight-knit community that helps build people up and awards all that their students accomplish.
Overall, the school provides many opportunities and great classes for all its students no matter the background. However, the one thing holding it back from a perfect five starts is the lack of large, school wide events. Pep rallies happened once in a while, but other than those school pride was often slightly low outside of sporting events.
I really liked how great the teachers are, taking great care of their own students, while having great passion for their jobs. I also enjoyed some of the great music extra curricular activities such as marching band and choir, and I also enjoy having met some great people due to our diversity.
Mainland is an amazing high school in South Jersey with great teachers and staff, a variety of extracurricular activities, and a positive atmosphere. Mainland sets a student up to succeed.
Mainland offers a very open community of students and staff. Everyone from coaches, to teachers, to administration has made getting through high school and ready for college so much easier.
Great electives, good teachers, incredible music/band department. Sadly no dive team. Majority of students very entitled.
I liked that when attending mainland I didn't ever feel insecure regarding other students doing better then I did. My teachers really cared about me succeeding in each of my classes.
I’d like to see coaches and athletic director to assist college athletes in the recruitment process.
I transferred there snd it was very unwelcoming. not the staffs fault but the students. no one was open to inviting me in. the classes could be more engaging sometimes we get off topic for long periods of time only to end up being behind and having to do my class work at home.
Mainland Regional High School presented multiple opportunities to me and its students. My high school experience is highlighted with the kind and helpful teachers.
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Mainland Regional is the est environment to experinece high school in. The student body is very small, allowing the teachers to lend their student individualized help that has allowed me to grow as a student. My teachers have always demonstrated interest in me and truly want us to succeed. Especially the AP teachers have been amazing. Each of them have prepared me for college courses and I am grateful to have learned from them. I have been able to engage in both academic clubs and athletics in a very welcoming enviroment. I love my school and I would not want to go anywhere else.
My time spent at Mainland will never be forgotten. I can thank my teachers and principal for pushing me to graduate. I wish I utilized my time there more responsibly, and took advantage of extracurricular activities, but overall I don't have any complaints about this school. I highly recommend it to all local families.
I personally liked Mainland, It is a great high school, all the teachers and all the staff are very nice and helpful.
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