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My experience as a student at mainland High School was a little below average. I enrolled in dual-enrollment my sophomore year, which was a great opportunity. However, I had a better experience at the college than at the high school. I felt more supported and was given the tools for future success.
I went to mainland during the past 4 years I’m currently a senior about to graduate mainland prepared me for college provide many different opportunities and the teachers were very helpful
Mainland High School is what you make of it honestly. It isn't the best school out there, but it also isn't the worst either. Some teachers/administration do have their favorite students, and it is obvious. The school focuses most fo their money on football programs and the team itself. It doesn't pay much attention to the performing arts department, and it sucks honestly. But academic wise, your experience is how you push yourself. I was in mostly honors and AP classes, and those teachers were extremely nice towards me and concerned about me succeeding, So, it's how you shape your experience yourself.
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Im currently a senior at Mainland High School and i played Tennis and Basketball which we made it to elite 8 in Womens basketball and they havent got that far since 1996 . My experience was great . the staff was great and help me through alot . the campus advisor only want good and they help me , motivated me and pushed me through times i couldnt get through . The sports coaches for the sports i played were great also ... they motivated me and got me to do things i didnt even know i could do . most of my senior year teachers were amazing it made my year great even though the second half wasnt as great due to covid 19 but i will always cherish and keep the memories that i do have .
Mainland was brutal to say the least. Also surprisingly hard to pass my classes even studying like crazy. More bullies than friends.
Mainland is a average but exciting high school. I enjoyed my senior year at Mainland even though it has been cut short due to the Coronavirus.
It’s alright so far. The teachers are not the nicest but they try, students aren’t respectful to their elders but they try to be at times.
Mainland High School is a pretty average school. What it really lacks in is the administration and the implementation of it’s own rules. The administration services that the school provides is difficult for applying in the school. They require more than a dozen of papers, and are extremely incompetent when handling a student from another country. For the counselors, they are slow and require a lot a paperwork when it comes to even simple tasks. They make a situation more difficult than it really is, and the student suffers for it. What can be completed in a day requires months, and that it unacceptable in a school that promotes student success. Also, the school fails at implementing rules. These students do not understand that they are not allowed to smoke on school grounds, and they take out their drugs to smoke, and nothing is done to stop them. If the administration system they have is done more efficiently and welcoming, my rating would go higher.
As a student of Mainland for four years now, I can say with confidence that the school and its administration does the best they can given their current "funding." In Daytona, their are many families who have below average incomes and there aren't many resources available for students to expand their horizons past Daytona or even towards college. Mainland, as I'm sure is applicable to all schools within Volusia County, could benefit greatly in improving the lives of its students after high school given enough resources and manpower.
I have been attending Mainland High School since I was in 10th grade. Mainland made transferring to a new school easy for me. When I started I was able to be put in the programs I needed to succeed and in the electives that I wanted to take. I loved the overall feel of the school and everything it had to offer. I've never been to a school that had wall to wall academy's and to me, that was so cool. The school sprit is definitely there and I love that. The school can be so much to be at and I enjoy it very much.
The school is overall an amazing experience. The campus is beautiful, there’s many great teachers, administration and people to meet, and the diversity really structures students social abilities. Anyone can fit in anywhere and greatness is encouraged. We’re very good at basketball and football which bring a lot of school spirit. The campus is also in a great location of town, it’s close to everything you can ask for!
I would like to see A better principle and to have the whole staff organized. It would be great if some of the teachers cared more I believe some are there just to get money and aren’t there to actually help a student be successful
The best high school around. It has its issues, but what school doesn’t? From real-world academies based on your future goals, so genuinely caring teachers and staff, they make it a top priority to make sure each student is prepared for their next steps in life. To top it off, we have the best football team.
What I like the most about Mainland High School are the teachers, they are extremely pleasant to communicate with, and are eager to assist you whenever you are in need of help. What I would change about the school would be the ones in charge of the administration. They are very frustrating to work with and require thousands of paperwork for one task.
A very nice school, with helpful teachers, a friendly atmosphere, and an easy to ace program. When I was there, the teachers were perhaps the best thing about the school. Everyone was so cool to talk to, and they really wanted to help you pass the class with the best grades you could. While it can be a little frustrating to get things done with the administrative services there, overall, it is a pretty good school that anyone living in Volusia County should give a chance.
My experience at Mainland High School was excellent. All the courses offered and all the back to back academies all helped students find their passions. Mainland also allowed dual enrollment with Daytona Satate College and makes it easy for students to start taking prerequisites before college and all for free. The diversity was great there were people from all over. Mainlands’ ESOL classes were always packed. Most teachers were very attentive and helped the students thrive. In my opinion all my teachers were excellent but the problem was the lack of teachers. There were many classrooms that did not have an official teacher and had to be taken care of my the supervisors. Also in two occasions I did not get all the certifications I was supposed to obtain because the teachers would change school because the other school would give them a better pay.
I enrolled in the Culinary Arts program and have been enjoying each year and feeling the loss already upon graduating in May 2020.
I will miss my teachers that have brought joy and fulfilling gratitude to my high school experience. I will miss friends that will separate due to college entrances or employment.
Most of all I am grateful to my mom for always worrying about my grades and pushing to do the best that I possibly can do. To never give up when the tough roads are upon me.
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Some things i like about Mainland, is that the adults their make us feel safe and secure they care about our futre and encourage us to do better. They also have our motto "Buc Pride Never Dies". I also like that we have alot of academies to pick from that will help us in our careers in the future, like for example I am in ASIM which is a branch of medicine and hospitality which i like because i have classes that help me learn things i need in the future. Our school is also known for our Football and Basketball teams which there great. From my experience with my past teachers they have all tried and strived to help me the best to understand and accomplish the things i need help on. Mainland has alot of good things. Things mainland can improve would be the budget on helping other clubs earn money for example theatre, or music class. They can also improve in school lunch and have more parent involvement.
I believe Mainland could do a better job on life preparedness. They focus to much on getting into the right college and perfect GPAs but most of us don’t even really know what we want to do with our lives.
I wish my school had cleaned up its act earlier on in my high school career. Every year we've had a new bell schedule to get used to. As a whole, this school really needs better organization. My teachers, however, I have no complaint about. They have always been understanding and committed to their students' success. They make good work with the resources they have and I am incredibly grateful to have had the luck to had such good teachers.
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