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Setting aside personal battles I’ve had while attending this school, the resources here are gonna work wonders if you use them correctly. Apart from all the AP class opportunities, there is a robust selection of extracurricular programs to try in order to find your purpose. I myself tried dozens of clubs but only one really stuck with me, and that was Novus Club. Novus allowed for me to soft launch an online service teaching juniors an seniors how to accumulate more As, which was well received by my class. And speaking of those in my class, the social setting here isn’t too bad. I’ve definitely ran into some people who’ve caused a plethora of nonsense for me, but still have found a handful of people that I bond with heavily. And the final aspect would be the teachers, whom of which are excellent! The teachers I’ve had have been silly and entertaining, while some have been incredibly influential. All in all, this school exceeds standards!!
My experience at Maine West was a great one. There are extremely talented teachers and great opportunities there.
I love Maine West! Our level of school spirit can't be found anywhere else. Our pride is presented throughout the halls, whether it's through our artwork, our display cases stacked with sports awards, or our bulletin boards showcasing our students who have made honor roll. The best words to describe the students and staff are warm and kind. We are such a dedicated and determined community. There are dozens of clubs, and in each one you're sure to find loving and welcoming people. People at Maine West are always there to support you and cheer you on. Most, if not all, of the teachers have the students' best interest in mind 100% of the time. Their main goal is to ensure our success. I am glad to have spent almost 4 years here and am going to miss the artwork adorning the lower e-wing halls, the kind and helpful teachers, and most of all, the friendships I've made.
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My 4 years at Maine West were good but things could have definitely been better. I liked how there were places you could go to get help with classes, as well as the teachers themselves being willing to help you when you need it. What I would like to see change for incoming freshman is that the school would be more clean since I had seen cockroaches, either dead or alive, and there needs to be more security and serious punishments for theft because other people, including myself, had either money or personal items stolen from backpacks/lockers in the gym and swim locker rooms.
Maine west prepared me well for college. All of the teachers care and want the best for you! I'm also still friends with the majority of my high school friends I made and we continue to make amazing memories!
Unfortunately my class of 2020 was not recognized for what we are. We were overlooked throughout our academic career and the only thing that made me rate my high school a 3 was the excellent Fine Arts program, and the collective energy of the senior class. The most hurtful aspect was the uncontrolled circumstances we all face from COVID-19. The overwhelming and depressing reality makes the closing of our senior year a backwards spiral, and our future outlook blocked by a huge wall of unknowing. I am determined to start looking towards a future that will inspire me and others after me.
My time at Maine West High School has been an average experience. I am currently a senior and I would like some changes to be made such as being more strict on punishments for in-school fights because that was a major issue as of the 2019-2020 school year.
I have been involved in Maine West since before I went there. I went to football games and went to see my sister in the musical every year. The environment there is overwhelmingly positive and I could not have wished for a better high school experience. Other than the last few weeks of senior year to be in school and not at home.
For the most part being at the school for the past four years has given lots of fond memories and the teachers are always willing to help if you're having trouble, though it does not seem as though they would take the extra effort to reach out sometimes.
It’s a really nice school with a lot of nice people i started in that school in 2016 it was great 3 years that been past
I met a lot of great friends at Maine West, I also met a lot of great teachers and staff at Maine West. The staff at Maine West always made you feel welcome and there was always someone there to help you if you needed help. I always felt welcome anywhere I was at West. Some things that I would to see change is the how they handled discipline there. My freshman year it was very controlled and you did not see a lot of kids out of hands. As the years went by that controlled atmosphere changed for the worse. There were a lot more fights, arguments in the cafe, and over all disrespect from the student. Never the less I would not have changed the high school that I went to. It was the best place for me for the last four years.
Attending Maine West High School was a great experience; the school spirit was outstanding and the energy of the students were unmatched.
They want you to be involved and help you!
Needs to help with structure of the school and the schedule. They keep changing the schedule every year, and students don't have consequences for not going to class or being late.
The teacher at Maine West also wants to see you improve and they make that their number one goal. Students also aid others in their learning, clubs, and sports throughout the whole school. The spirt at Maine West is like no other and everyone loves to participate.
I've spent my whole high school career at Maine West, and while I wasn't the most involved I still enjoyed my time there, and I think it was a good school. All of my teachers were great, other than a few outliers, and I feel I learned a lot academically, and about myself while there. I believe the staff have prepared me well for my adult life and I think that they've helped me become ready for my time in college.
Maine West's quality of education has decreased over the four years I've been a student, largely due to the administration making decisions that seem hardly thought out and being out of touch with how the school is functioning. From incorporating a block schedule that was opposed by staff, students and parents alike to gradually removing all Accelerated courses to push students into taking more AP classes, it certainly gives an appearance of caring more about turning students into statistics to show off the "success" of the school rather than preparing us for life after high school. One of the shining strengths of Maine West is the teachers, the majority of which incite genuine curiosity and passion for the subjects they are teaching and do their best to make sure we walk out of class with valuable skills and knowledge.
Great school. The teachers actually care about their students and the school is DIVERSE. It’s rare to find such a diverse school in the suburbs (at least from what I’ve seen) and I appreciated going to school where I didn’t feel like an alien (unlike another school in the district, wink).
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Maine west is a great school! All of the teachers are amazing and there are so many resources here. In terms of spirit, Maine west has the best
great school, I feel safe and welcomed, there are many chances to explore what your future goals in life are.
Teachers are very nice and they care about the students. Everything is changing though, for the worse. The school is getting rid of traditions that seniors have waiting for since freshman year.
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