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Maine Virtual Academy is an amazing school. The teachers are willing to work with students that need more help, and students that need to be challenged more can do that. They have AP classes, honors classes, early college classes, and more. If you are interested you can take sports or Adult education classes through your district. We have the most amazing art teacher, as well as Gifted Art classes. We have clubs for different students. Our teachers encourage us to be creative and to push ourselves. The school also provides computers, printers, etc. to make sure that all the students have what they need to be successful. We truly have the most amazing students and teachers at our school; our community is amazing and unparalleled.
MEVA teachers are absolutely the best! Parents and students highly rate them on school climate surveys. MEVA teachers run field trips, clubs and fun activities, including STEM. Recent examples of field trips include a Meet & Greet at the Bangor Sports Arena, Pumpkinfest in Damariscotta, the Telling Room in Portland, STEM Day at Fenway Park, and the Common Ground Fair. MEVA teachers take an active interest in their students, encourage their success and listen to their ideas.
I am an educator at MEVA. I have been in the field for the last decade in both public schools and online schools. The students, faculty, and online learning platform are the best I have ever experienced. Positivity, support, and collaboration emanate from the students and teachers. We offer a variety of special programs for our students that I am proud to provide to students across the state.
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The teachers are so supportive and understanding. The school is doing as much as they can to improve attendance during live sessions, and always reach out if we're falling behind.
Maine virtual academy is exactly the same as going to a public school, just at home. It did not allow me to go at my own pace. They wouldn't allow first year students to take on more than 6 classes. Many of the teachers were rude and disrespectful. I don't recommend Maine virtual academy.
1 graduate of MEVA and one staring their second year. It has been an amazing experience. We look forward to continuing with their school.
This is school is a wonderful change from traditional brick and mortar school. Here my son is able to work without all of the distractions of traditional school and without the fear of ridicule from peers for his views and opinions. He has found a place where he fits in and has made friends. His grades are more consistent and he finds himself being challenged more. This school strives to diversify their lessons to push each student to their fullest potential. We have found that this type of school requires a strong student support system at home for the greatest success!
I honestly don't know what our lives would be like without MEVA. Our son's an extremely bright, A student, who reads very fast, loves to learn, and engages easily with adults and students. However, when he was very young, he needed a smaller environment for learning. He has ADHD/anxiety, which makes a busy school/classroom a difficult learning environment. He went to a small school, which helped, however, as he got to middle school, he experienced bullying and increased distractions. Then we found MEVA. They do NOT allow any bullying. He is encouraged & a favorite of classmates, because he responds in class and contributes. If he gets distracted in class, he re-watches the recording. MEVA teachers are ALL very engaging & interesting, so distractions are rare. He has thrived at MEVA and is learning and retaining more than ever before. I am able to tutor and support him, but his teachers are so amazing and often hold one on one sessions for him to provide extra help when necessary.
My daughter started at Maine Virtual Academy in the 7th grade. She was very stressed in the brick and mortar setting and was becoming increasingly anxious. She is now stress free and feeling so much better. There are daily live class sessions and she is learning a lot. She gets extra help through extra help sessions when needed. She is feeling much more confident and happy!
We are new to the Maine Virtual Academy (MEVA) this year and have been amazingly impressed with the strong, positive interactions and support from administrators, teachers, and especially, other students. MEVA wants my child to succeed! In addition to classroom time, all students have options for small group support and individualized attention and reinforcement whenever it is wanted or needed. It is readily apparent that the teachers want their students to succeed – both in the classroom and in their lives; students are encouraged to be the best they can be. Additionally, there has been ongoing, relevant communication with me and my teenager through the parent portal, email and phone calls. Students learn how to track their own responsibilities using the learning platform, academic planners and online resources. Kudos for their focus on self-responsibility while going above and beyond to accommodate all learning styles. Not surprisingly, my child is thriving!
The amount of support this school provides families and students is incredible! The school is engaged in the success of all its students and seem to always be willing to go above and beyond to accommodate all learning types.
MEVA is a vibrant learning community. The faculty are highly attentive to serving students and families. MEVA offers numerous field trips and face to face events. In addition to its robust core curriculum, the school's courses include multiple foreign languages, career and technical education, diverse electives, and the arts. MEVA students and families enjoy the school's flexibility and individualized approach.
This school is not properly staffed to support exceptional students not so they have the institutional knowledge to deliver an appropriate education to struggling learners. The K-12 platform is not flexible for these purposes and only a few teachers have the time/ability to adapt the curriculum to meet the student where they are. I would not recommend this school to any family who is not capable of taking on the primary responsibility for schooling or any family with children in need of special education services.
Maine Virtual Academy is a great online school program. Even though the teachers are not there physically they are willing to help students to achieve and pass their classes
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