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I liked the variety of clubs at Maine South. One thing I would change is to have an intercultural club added since we have lots of separate cultural clubs but an intercultural club has never been made before.
Maine South is an amazing school that provides its students with a healthy learning environment and top of the line education. Some things I like about Maine South is that they do their best to be inclusive in all activities and help students achieve academic goals. They also provide classes that specialize in different fields. The only thing I would change about the school is the diversity since there is barely any.
Maine South is a good school with caring teachers and activities for pretty much every interest students have.
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My time spent at Maine South High School was great, but the lack of diversity and school culture was what I believe was missing in order to make the school perfect!
Great school, allows students to take control of their own education and prepare for college or whatever they have planned next. Clubs and extracurricular safe great too, and teachers are very involved.
Maine South High school offer so much more than an education to its students. Maine South has a positive and unique culture within its wall. Students can explore a vast amount of subjects a have the opportunity to discover who they are. The fine arts programs as top notch and the sports teams are the best. You really can't lose when you go to Maine South.
Maine South provides a great academic opportunity with the amount of advanced classes offered. They also have an abundance of extracurricular activities and sports to chose from. The school is very safe with limited doors of access with security staff ensuring that students do not bother other classes while in session. Resources are available online or through offices created to help students. All in all, pretty good school.
Great teachers that care about each student. Very good counselors that go out of there way to encourage the kids. The school offers a large variety of clubs and encourage each child to be original and strong. The music department is amazing and offers many opportunities for the kids to express themselves. I was able to play the violin all four years at Maine South High School. In the fours years of playing the violin, I gained such a love and understanding of the instrument. Evert time we had a group performance, I felt nervous but within a few minutes those nerves went away and the music flowed through me. This experience has shown me that I can really master anything I want in life. Maine South High School was a home away from home for me. How do you repay that? The only way is to make all those teachers proud of the person that graduated and the adult person that I will become.
Great school with great resources , always room for improvement , school needs remodeling and some of the rules are not very flexible
Maine South is a great college preparatory high school! They are set to make major Infrastrucure improvements in 2020-2021. We are in need of a new competition pool.
Maine South wasn't the most diverse school at all. The support staff however was very willing to learn and help accommodate struggling students. The student population however was poorly educated on bullying and being accepting of others. Academically the school is a great place to help future college aspirations.
I really enjoyed Maine South throughout my high school experience. Though it sometimes lacked in school spirit, it made up in a great staff and a safe environment. The campus is a perfect size and there are countless ways to get involved. The school strives for greatness and I am happy to call myself a former hawk. The athletic programs are great to be in and the students make it especially fun to be around. Maine South gave me a great high school experience I will forever cherish.
Maine South is a wonderful school with a great principal and awesome teachers. The academics and sports programs are great. The fine arts and music programs rise above with great students, parents, and teachers. What an amazing school.
I loved the friends I've made. Everyone was so kind to me. However, I would have liked the campus to be a bit more updated in some of the bathrooms and such.
The academics are incredible. The school is pretty and majority of my teachers are nice and they work hard to prepare us for after graduation.
Maine South High School is a unique school that has a variety of classes from fashion, cooking, theater, computer science, and much more. I wish the school offered for college connected classes. When in college, I have met many peers that had the opportunity to take courses through the school. Although Maine South does offer some levels, I wish they offered more. The football games were the outing of the fall semester, where all can connect to support the school. There are many clubs and after school, activities to keep a student busy and involved.
I liked the different after school activities that I could be a part of. As well as the teachers who wanted the students to succeed. The environment is very welcoming to all types of students. No student is left out and everyone can make friends. The different activities the school provides us such as assemblies and football games available help us have fun. Maine South also has a variety of classes that I can take from business to engineering.
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These is an awesome school with amazing teachers and administrators. The clubs and activities are awesome. There are many opportunities for parent involvement. Students and teachers are dedicated and caring people who want nothing but the best. What a great school and community.
I really like the environment at Maine South. They are very inclusive of everyone and do everything they can to make sure people feel safe. We also recently have been granted a good amount of freedom, but it hasn't always been like this. I do believe they should allow kids to leave campus during the day for lunch and come back. The teachers here are amazing and really care about every students success.
I believe Maine South is a wonderful high school that provides a great experience for students. Academics, sports, and other activities are all promoted and inclusive, which is great because students get to explore their interests and meet new people.
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