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Maine School of Science and Mathematics is essentially a trial run of college. The classes are hard, but not too difficult. If you put effort into your work, you will pass your classes learning essential skills. MSSM had a wide variety of extra-curricular activities given its dorm-system which also leads to a tightly-knit, supportive community built on cooperation rather than competition.
For me as I love STEM fields and specially mathematics, It was really beneficial to be in such a school of science and Mathematics.
The Maine School of Science and Mathematics is a residential magnet school in northern Maine. Students who live in the state of Maine are admitted by application only. Tuition is paid for by the state and room & board is paid for by the students family (however financial aid is available). The academics are amazing and the opportunities afforded to students are incredible. However, the facilities are run down and need work. Overall it is a great environment for learning and student life.
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Amazing school with incredible teachers and students. The new director has made some real steps in the right direction with regards to looking to the future and being proactive with growing and funding the school. With all of that said, it is sad that the people responsible for managing the students themselves seem to be stuck in a monolithic way of handling issues. The administration definitely play favorites and if you get on the wrong side of them, you are out. I don't think there is a lot of room for any kid that doesn't fit the mold which means they must be a person who never causes any kind of trouble ever unless they are a favorite of one of the administrative staff. If this vital part of the school could be improved, MSSM would be a dream.
There are some very good teachers, but a lot of them are leaving one after another. Being in a rural area, getting resources and people up here is very hard. The administration is subpar for handling one of the smartest kids in the state, and only after this year with a new executive director have things started to get "better". Compared to some other schools in Maine, this school definitely provides a better educational opportunity, but you should know what to expect and weigh your pros and cons.
I really love the community at MSSM; the students and teachers are extremely supportive both academically and mentally. The academics are very challenging, but I am confident that I have received the best education possible.
MSSM is a school for those with a love of science and math. However, if you care about how administration treats you? Not so much. The teachers here are kind and supportive and almost always on students' sides, but when it comes to the other faculty, you don't get that same respect. The admin don't listen to student input, residential instructors treat students poorly, and in general, not a lot of people care. Nonetheless, the friends I have made here have been incredible and I've made some of my happiest memories here. From hanging out at the local bookstore to lettuce club in the lower lounge, the social aspects of this school can be amazing.
This really is a great high school. Our academics are amazing, just look at our rankings. Some advice that I can give incoming and current underclassmen is that we are a part of the NCSSS (National Consortium of Specialized STEM Schools), meaning that certain colleges will give us scholarships just for graduating. Make sure you keep an eye out for participating colleges, because I had no idea and college season is basically over. Florida Institute of Technology, for instance, will literally pay 50% of you tuition. Another thing: TOUR COLLEGES. Research, research, research, because college is one of the primary reasons to come to MSSM in the first place. Figure out what career you want to pursue and talk with the college counselor (she is amazing!).
MSSM is a great school that really molds peoples minds to be the best minds. The school does have some outdated equipment, but they make due with what they have.
MSSM has been an incredible experience for me. It has its faults, just as any school does. But if you're looking to be challenged academically and prepared for college, this is the school for you. The people here are amazing, and it looks like everything is going up from here on out. I'd do it all again if I could.
I have been at MSSM for 3 years and I am so glad I chose to come. The teachers and students are absolutely amazing, but It is not for everybody. MSSM requires a lot of sacrifice not only because of the boarding school factor, but because students must be willing to completely commit to academic life. I admit the location and administrative organization are all not ideal, but the academics and culture make up for it. We have about every club one can imagine, and they foster the student leadership and involvement that MSSM values. Many believe from the name that the school is filled with stereotypical awkward teens, but people of all personalities find friends there. You do not have to be a genius to be successful, as there are classes for many levels. However, if you are exceptionally smart, you will never run out of classes or challenges. While MSSM is STEM-focused, it also has one of the best English departments in the state. I would definitely recommend it to any Maine student.
MSSM has provided me with countless opportunities and a bounty of knowledge. The instructors and faculty are dedicated, and everyone is one big family.
I really love this school. The coursework is challenging and the community is less toxic than most high schools.
The Maine School of Science and Mathematics has a close knit community with teachers who go above and beyond to help their students be successful. It is a an elite boarding school, with top notch students from around the state and beyond. MSSM has a very challenging curriculum.
The school itself is great. Go there for the academics and the community, and try not to be frustrated by everything else.
The Maine School of Science and Mathematics is a haven for high school kids who want challenge. This high school is ranked 19th best in the country for a reason, the academics are phenomenal. However, the biggest downside is living in a school with only 150 students in a town of 2,000. This creates a pressure cooker for many of the students who are taking college level classes and are stressed out about everything. Overall wonderful school if you really care about challenging yourself and bettering your future.
Students organize almost all of the clubs and groups so there is a wide variety
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The teachers are a quintessential part of the community.
Here at MSSM, students have the opportunity to create and run their own clubs and apply for funding. This makes for a very diverse and rich culture of clubs to choose from.
The teachers are immensely overqualified and genuinely care for the academic and emotional progress of each and every student.
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