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Maine-Endwell Senior High School Reviews

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Decent, diversity is lacking. Overall a solid school to study and learn. Teachers can sometimes be a hit or miss, but if you go in for help they generally do help you.
Overall the school is very well kept and everyone is involved in school activities. Not only are the academic ratings high the extra-curricular activities such as sports are very popular. Our school takes part in many musicals and plays due to a well organized music department. As far as the teachers they are all very welcoming and accept each and every student. The teachers go out of their way each and every day to help a different student in not only school life but their personal life as well! Maine Endwell High School has shown me the true meaning of a family, I can always count on the teachers and fellow classmates if I ever need to talk about anything or if I need help in my life.
The academics are excellent. The class sizes are not to big. Nice teachers and supportive environment.
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I absolutely love the atmosphere at M-E. Everyone is very inclusive and kind. Maine endwell has outstanding athletic and musical programs, and many opportunities to join clubs and extracurriculars.
The staff are very caring and want students to succeed. Most teachers will encourage you to come for help if need be
Very nice school, plenty of clubs and optional courses. However, when it comes to sports, the football program receives an overwhelming majority of funding and attention, whereas programs such as Swimming and Diving regularly are sectional and state champions, but are often overlooked.
It is easy to double up and graduate a year early. The library is a nice place to go during free periods: you can read, be on your phone, or do homework.
Wonderful school, easy to work with and great in sports! It was always fun to be at the top of any sport when it came to sections and the teachers for the most part were nice and were always willing to help you do there best.
My experience at Maine Endwell was amazing! I loved the teachers and all the staff that I was in contact with on a day to day basis. The athletics are also amazing. I played basketball and football and had the best four years of my life.
It was good overall. The student enviornment is okay but I love the teachers. Throughout the years I’ve been able to have great relationships with them.
Overall I enjoyed my time spent at Maine Endwell very much. I had been at the high school for all four years and graduated from there. I was involved in cross country and track, and took many AP and college classes. Maine Endwell is a great place to go to achieve great things and to get prepared for the future. However my biggest complaint is how much they focus on music. As someone who never took a single music class it is hard not to feel like an outsider here. There is such a large focus on music a majority of the students take it. There are always concerts, and you can even take four separate music classes that are each honors classes so your grade can go up to a 110. This results in the valedictorian and salutatorian nearly always being a music student since it is so hard to compete if you do not take any of these music courses.
We have a lot of AP and college classes and we have smart boards and textbooks. But we lost our computer science classes so I never got to take those and we lost Ap calculus and now have college calc 1 and 2 but our teacher isn't smart enough to teach calc 2 so that class is a disaster. We have a good football and swim team.
Maine Endwell Senior High School is a fantastic school. The ME community is wonderful and very welcoming. They exceed in academics and athletics, with many opportunities to participate in clubs. The teachers are amazing. They are extremely kind, helpful and caring. The district helps students to succeed.
I liked Maine-Endwell Senior High School because there is plenty of opportunities to learn. The staff is always there to help and make sure you are learning. They are up to date with the latest technology classes and equipment. I would like to see an expansion on the technology side of education because there is so much potential in that field.
The Sports and athletics are the main focal point of the school. Most of everyone in the school plays at least one sport. So as you can see, sports are a main focus at MEHS. Most of the teachers are good, some not so good. Some teachers are nice people but are not good at teaching and others its mean and good teachers.
I liked that Maine-Endwell was a clean and safe school. It is, however, extremely cliquey, but there is not much you can do to change about that.
I really like my school and its teachers I just wish we spent more time and money on academics rather than football and other sports. I'm sure I am not the only one who feels this way about not only my school by their school too. It has become a problem where arts and music programs are forgotten. Money is spent on a new field instead of enough text books for a classroom.
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The extracurricular activities at this school are the absolute best because the people in them work hard to make them the best. With all the funding that this school gets it makes it really easy to have such great clubs and organizations. With a wide range of things to do, there is something for everyone and that is the best part of it all. Most of the students are involved in at least one club. The sports teams are some of the best in the state which make them fun to watch and brings the community to a lot of sporting events. Everything we get the opportunity to do is all thanks to the advisers which do a great job at organizing events and making them fun at the same time.
The extracurricular programs provided at this school are extraordinary. The funding from generous donations have been put to use in the best possible ways in order for students to have access to have everything they could ever want. The school spirit throughout the school and community cannot be beat. It is an unbelievable place to wake up and go to every morning just knowing that you have the chance to better yourself each and everyday.
The teachers at Maine-Endwell are fantastic. Personally, I have never had a problem talking to a teaching or asking them for help or anything. The teachers all get along very well and it creates an environment like no other. The teachers take pride in making sure there students are learning the material and having fun while doing so. Some teachers are recognized nationally every year for there outstanding work. The teachers here are second to none.
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