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The school is an overall well rounded and diverse community, and helps students a lot in many aspects other then just school.
I love my school mainly because of the fine arts program! LOVE the fine arts teachers, love being involved in choir and drama, it's just overall a fun time
I had the most amazing time at Maine East. I had the choice to go to South and I am so ever blessed that I went to East. The teachers, staff, and deans are so kind and willing to help no matter what. The diversity allows new experiences and no judgment. The building is so pretty and historic, the classrooms are good sizes. The school values each student and really tries to make everyone feel loved and equal. The students are hard working because they are given the resources to preform their best. Even if the sports are not known to be THE best, everyone shows up. We show up in the stands to support, the athletes show up to their practices and meets, and the coaches show up to coach. I can 100% tell any and everyone, Maine East High School is the best.
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everything is pretty decent, food is horrible, lunch staff have high egos and yell at kids, great teachers tho, a lot of drug dealers
Maine East High School is a very diverse school of all cultures, we as a community express each and every individual. We have cultural clubs people can join of any race or ethnicity. Maine East also is excellent in academics, the teachers care so much about their students and their education. In my 3 years of being at Maine East, all my teachers are very passionate about their job that they don't even see it as a job, they love doing what they're doing teaching and getting to interact with students through out the day. With this pandemic going on, teachers have expressed loudly that they miss seeing us at school very much and that this e-learning is not the same.
Maine East provides a safe and welcoming environment for every student that comes through its doors. All the teachers and staff really make the experience that much better. Everyone is very nice and kind throughout the building.
Its an amazing place. Has great people there. Great teacher and staff who have help the students out.
I came here not knowing anyone, and everyone was so outgoing and kind and welcoming. There are so many things that are unique about this school that I love. First, the amount of cultures represented by the student body is amazing. The staff is super kind and always willing to help with their students and often have a strong bond with their students. Spirit week is always so fun along with other activities. Academics are great aswell.
Generally, the teachers are wonderful people who want to see their students succeed. As a student, some teachers did frustrate me. The best department is the Social Science Department, and I say that with great confidence.
The most I like about Maine East High School is the amount of diversity you see in every hallway, classroom, and cafeteria. One thing I would change is the food prices since many of these students are first-generation and their families can only provide so much with lunch money.
One of the things I liked about Maine East, is that they had a variety of different kinds of people. Meaning Race, color, and religion. Maine East felt like home to some people. I felt like it was a place where you meet different kinds of people.
I think Maine East High School is a great place for learning. It has have very diverse and unique students. The teachers there really care about the students and their life after high school. They try to help in many ways, such as providing office hours for students to come in and ask questions about things they don't understand.
I like that you can talk to the teachers and build a relationship with them as they are interested in your future
I like the diversity that this school has and everyone here is really nice. No student lets another student sit alone during lunch and I look forward to coming to school everyday. A thing they can change is making the lunch lines during lunch a little shorter but other than that this school is a really good school.
Maine East is a very diverse, multi cultured school. Teachers at Maine East, for the most part, care about their students and their futures.
I enjoyed attending Maine East as it is very diverse and open to a multitude of ethnicities. Not only are the clubs and activities widely accepting, there are a tons of clubs for everyone to engage and it feels very welcoming. When I transferred my junior year, my first impression of the school was how different the education and staff were. The variety in teaching made each class very adaptable for students to understand. The school’s infrastructure is also very special to its history at the Maine Township District. With its rich long-standing history, Maine East continues to prevail with its immense values of being respectful, responsible, and safe.
Growing up in the midwest I attended many non-diverse schools until I came to Maine East. Maine East is bleeding diversity which makes it a great high school to improve yourself and set goals for your best future possible!
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We have a wonderful student body. All the way from diversity to personality. Every day you will see kids saying hello and "dabbing up" with friends. The vibes are good and always are present. It is easy to fit in because the kids don't care about popularity as much as other schools would. We make our own friends and respect all others.
Maine East is a great school because of all the opportunities there are to meet new friends through extracurricular activities, clubs or sports. It's also easy to be a part of many different groups. I am involved in the orchesis dance team, being the captain, the plays and musicals and the acapella group. It's a great way to truly enjoy your time in high school, branch out and find hobbies that you love and might pursue after you graduate.
All the teachers I had were very passionate, and tried to go out of their way to help their students.
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