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I love this school! I have been to 4 schools, and Maine Connections Academy (MCA) is the best. I went to a private school and their parent involvement, and academics looks like a twig while MCA is a literal 180 year old tree.
For a year I went to Lebanon Elementary School, and the teachers were awful, the only thing I liked there was the club Green Team, that I was on. So Lebanon Elementary compares to MCA by Lebanon Elementary being a grub, and MCA being a tree!
When I did homeschooling with my mother for 5th and 6th grade. I wasn't very mentally challenged due to the fact that we were doing the work my sister was doing, but only doing my own math. So I compare Homeschooling with my mom and sister like a bird nest on a tree, while MCA is a tree.
With MCA, it is the only school that has been difficult for me to get an A. Which I love because that makes me want to take bigger courses to get that A, because my mom brings us out for dinner.
The teachers really cared about my personal education and I had access to everything I needed. There was plenty of chances to partake in harder classes. They offered many field trips that provided the chance to get to know other students.
I would say it was a good experience for an online setting. But the core values of an in-person school I don't think can be matched in a virtual setting. The teachers and staff did I think to try their hardest to match the setting but are limited in what they can do since they are only connected to the students through computers but not in person. This makes it hard I think to really support or understand a student's needs
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I am a student here and I love this school. I love it so much better than my previous school. This school gives me so much more flexibility to be able to enjoy doing other things in the day, and allows me to be able to work at my own pace and actually learn what I am reading about.
I have attended MCA since 8th grade. I love the flexibility to do my work on my schedule. I am able to focus on my glass art while attending school. I really enjoyed the International trip to Italy. I like that the teachers are always available to help me out when I need it. The best part of attending a virtual high school is there is no peer pressure, bullying, judgement, or teenage drama.
I have attended Maine Connections Academy since 2016, every teacher or staff member I have interacted with have been helpful and kind. I can tell their really passionate about their students education and are more than willing to help and answer any questions you may have. One thing I enjoy about MCA is the wide variety of course that is offered, it helped me explore and find what my interests and passions were and as well as helped me find a career path.
Maine connections academy was a school that allowed me to excel and truly reach my full potential. I have a degree of self discipline that many of my peers in college currently do not have. While I did unintentionally isolate myself from my former public school classmates, I prospered acedemically in a way that I don’t think I could have in my former high school. I graduated as salutatorian, thanks to the wonderful teachers that went above and beyond to help me succeed and reach my goals. They offered opportunities for socializing with other classmates and staff (academic summits in various areas of Maine), and although I did not take advantage of many of them, I know people who had an absolute blast going to them. Everyone at this school is really looking out for your best interest. Thank you, MCA!
I like how the teachers are so understanding when it comes to late assignments, your personal life, and how your school is affecting you. It’s perfect for busy students who have athletics or work etc they need to focus on. Overall a great online school!!
I enjoy being a student at MCA. The teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable. The school has many different courses to choose from.
It was an amazing school with amazing opportunities. Even though it was an online establishment, it was very focused and beneficial. The teachers cared about every single student (especially given it's small student body) and did everything they could to aid the students in their pursuits. It requires you to be a driven person who takes initiative in their academics, which can be difficult for some, but is prosperous for others.
Maine Connections Academy is very student-focused, and is committed to helping students get the most out of their academic career. Very committed to parent-student involvement as well, the amount of parent-teacher interaction on day to day basis gets rid of the awkward (and dreaded) parent-teacher meetings.
It gave me the flexibility to play junior hockey which I loved. It required a lot of self directed learning which was challenging for me.
Maine Connections Academy has a lot to offer. I have tried many online schools and so far I can say Connections is the best one. The teachers are responsive, the classes are challenging and the schoolwork is overall very fun to do and easy to monitor. I give it 4/5 stars because while the education is very good, I feel like they do not do a good enough job connecting the students with eachother to make frineds.
This is the best school for me! All of the teachers and advisors go out of their way to help your learning experience! They make sure you have everything you need to be on track for graduation. Could not ask for a better place to learn!
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