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Maine Coast Waldorf School Reviews

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Seemed wonderful at first. Turned out not to be wonderful. Dysfunctional nature of the school was not readily apparent but became so.
Maine Coast Waldorf School is a great school to learn and socialize in, but they need help listening to the students needs and listening to the students concerns about the teachers and about the school.
Like many others, we were drawn in by the beautiful grounds and lovely classrooms, by the enthusiasm of parents and staff, and by the wonderful ideas that are part of the Waldorf approach. Those things kept us there for several years until slowly we understood why so many before us have become disenchanted and ultimately found better schools for their children.
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Sad to say it's a poorly run school. I found it operates in an amateurish way rather than like a professionally run school, and I wasn't comfortable with that for my child. I've found other nearby schools to be much better run, which benefits the students.
Nice location but this school has some major weaknesses. Encourage you to carefully look into it before enrolling your children there. Talk to some of the many parents who have decided to withdraw their children after being there one or more years.
Maine Coast Waldorf school is a remarkable institution. I attended for almost my entire K-12 experience excluding a short hiatus for ninth grade at Waynflete. What truly sets Maine Coast apart from its private school counterparts in the region is the quality of its community. Parents, teachers and administrators truly care about the students. And in turn, students care about each other and the school. This community is the foundation upon which Maine Coast pursues its three-pronged pedagogical goals of educating the mind, body, and the spirit. No doubt an unusual approach, but if personal experience is allowed to attest, an effective one. In a world fast becoming more specialized and isolating, Maine Coast is a breath of fresh air to the point of being exhilarating.
Very good academics with lots of thought behind the structure of most courses. Engaged and for the most part enthusiastic teachers. Very very small and hard to deal with sometimes, but a nice family-like community. I feel as though faculty often don’t listen to the students to work together when concerns/issues arise.
I have been at this school since kindergarten and I am so happy here. The teachers are amazing and are really passionate about what they are teaching.
Nursery and K are excellent. Teachers are highly experienced and skilled. They provide a truly wonderful education for young children. Unfortunately, the same is not true for grades 1-8. The teachers are inexperienced. First grade teacher is a nearly always a new hire with no experience, which affects the education of every student and creates a poor foundation as they move through the grades. Essentially, you pay $20,000 for your child to be a "guinea pig" for a brand-new teacher, usually someone who likes the Waldorf philosophy but brings little else to the table. In addition, while Waldorf approach is very appealing in many ways, it has real drawbacks. For example, the teacher instructs the class as a whole throughout the day, meaning all the students have to go at same pace with no way to meet the needs of individuals. Even older staff who should be well qualified simply are not. The person leading educational support services, for example, completely lacks background for the job.
The High School Faculty are immersed and enthused
Field trips! Learning a subject from different angles equals depth and understanding. Very social. Mostly inclusive.
These teachers are all incredibly dedicated. Many of them have advanced degrees and/or have led interesting lives. They are just very enthusiastic and engaged in their subjects and in the school.
Our high school is on a beautiful campus
Merriconeag is a safe place w/ a great community
We have a newly written bullying policy.
Nordic Skiing, XC Running, One Acts, Frisbee, more
The Admission staff was very welcoming and helpful.
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Fabulous place... it has made me excited about learning
All the teachers here rock
We are renting an average building in a beautiful area so it evens out
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