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I like the campus and the teacher at Maine Central Institute. They have a really amazing experience with international and local people.
Every one campus has the students best interest on their minds. All the community members make a combined effort to give the students and parents the support and confidence to be successful. Many students have reached their best potential after graduating from Maine Central Institute.
I went MCI one year as international student, and stay all my senior year in MCI dorm. MCI has really good sport programs, boosters are helping financially so sport programs has lots of equipment. School has nice math and science classes, and they have all the equipments to do science projects. I involved with 3d printing classes even after school and participated design computation with my 3d printed designs. I prepared myself to college, and I recomend students to go MCI.
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I am absolutely disgusted with what these people can get away with. The administration and faculty are judgmental, insincere, bias in every right and just a disgrace to education. Acclimating children into high school is negligent. The school is run like a sorority NOT as an educational system that focuses on your children’s needs. Staff are able to single out any child that is “difficult” and contribute in destroying a sense of belonging and community. I’m just not sure why these people are educators at this level. I have never been so appalled and hopeless for my sons education and we haven’t quite made it through year one.
It is a very diverse school with many students from around the country and world. It has a very good small town feel, and safety is excellent. People around are friendly, and staff are pretty helpful. It does feel old but mostly in a good way. Go use the resource to your advantage and you will do great in this school.
Maine Central Institute is a big open campus which is great if you want to prepare for college. The school has a program where it will send you to a technical school every other day so you don’t just learn the basics you also learn things that will prepare you for the world. Maine Central Institute has great diversity due to being a boarding school and a public school so you have a wide range of students speaking different languages making students learn about others culture. Now MCI may be a great school for learning but there is a lot of bullying which there is not much done about it and it definitely needs a change.
One of the best parts of MCI is the ability to connect with kids from all around the world and understand their culture. There is a large sense of community in the small town MCI is a part of. The problem with the small town is the world of politics at MCI. The board of trustees make all the decisions based on what is best for them, rather than for the students. The teachers were not all bad, many of them helped me to become who I am today, but the lack of resources in central Maine made it hard to find teachers with the right qualifications in a particular area. Every school has its problems, MCI is just like any other school.
I did not experience a great time at Maine Central Institute there was a lot of bullying and teacher were not compliant with my disability commendations. I would like teachers to listen and see how school atmosphere affects the students ability to learn.
I really miss one star. If you want to go to college, never come to this school. It is a school that does not even teach in a common public school in math. Unless I study personally, I will not be able to solve one problem properly except for very simple calculation. That's because, as I said earlier, they don't even teach basic content, so they don't know the formula they need to know. It's a college prep, but it only does ballet or art. There is also a problem with living. For example, food does not wash the dishes properly. There was a situation where none of the peanut butter was washed away when the knife was taken out. It is dirty enough to be unhygienic, so I have to use a new dish three times.
Some of the teachers I had at this school encouraged me and gave me the confidence to go after my dream college. However, I know that recently, many of those teachers have left the school.
Maine Central Institute provides a variety of clubs, classes, and opportunities to prepare students for the future. Teachers care about students achievements and want to see them succeed. A wide range of classes are provided to prepare students for their future careers. SCTC is also provided through MCI which helps students become certified within certain fields for after high school. We have students from all over the world come to our school for an education.
I have had a good experience at this school. I originally came here for the ballet program, but it turns out that the academics are very good too. I am challenged in classes and in ballet. I have made many lasting friends at this school.
I had many struggles in school and was able to get help from the staff. I appreciated the push some of the teachers gave telling me that they were prepping me for college. I do appreciate that now and am glad they did.
The only thing I love about being at MCI is the diverse body of students coming from all over the world as each year the admissions are flying over the globe trying to recruit more students. The staff here are friendly and engaged but not sure if they are academically prepared.
Diverse athletics and club offerings. Outstanding teams that compete and win regional and state championships as well as sportsmanship awards. Tremendous coaching faculty. Great diversity in student body with outstanding class offerings and an academic department that truly cares about every student's experience.
I attended Maine Central Institute for the Bossov Ballet program. This was definitely a great decision; I excelled in the ballet program and loved the school. The community of students was diverse from all over the world and it was so interesting to learn about the different cultures and ways of life. I met many new friends because the school is outside of my hometown. I was able to challenge myself academically with an extremely full course load of Advanced Placement and college level classes.
The school is incredibly welcoming to all races, ethnic backgrounds, languages, sexual orientations, etc. Everyone can find a place here because the staff is well chosen and overall there to help.
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I went to MCI and graduated 35 years ago. They have always been a college preparatory school. They have high academic standards and the staff are always there to guide the students to do their best. The campus is set up like a college campus and there are dormitories for students from all around the world. It is a very diverse community at MCI, and there is positive interaction between the local students and the students who come from other countries. The faculty is very involved with the students and the parents. The entire community supports school events and alumni are a big part of the community. MCI is a well rounded school and is surrounded by a very supportive community.
The residential life is miserable, not enjoyable with academic studies.
Some faculties members are terrible that they will not provide enough accommodation and facilities support to help you succeed in the school. Generally speaking, the school has affected my college options a lot with its poor overall performance.
I was a boarding student there for a year. There was always something going on as there were a lot of clubs and activities to join however, the education there is not the best.