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I love this school it provides support that I can't find anywhere else. I love how close and small the school is. There isn't a lot of extracurriculars but the classes make up for it.
This "at your own pace" school worked perfectly for me. If at any time I was struggling with school work, they would assist and help solve the problem I was facing. Another great thing is they offer classes at the community college next door. This is how I was able to get my high school requirements done while getting credits for college. These great opportunities allowed me to graduate a year early as a junior.
I liked the way the school worked in my freshman year, but after getting a new principal, things changed a lot and seemed to stray from what the school should've been. I liked the hands on approach to learning and the field trips and activities that happened in my freshman year.
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The Maine Academy of Natural Sciences is a community motivated charter school. The best thing I ever did was enroll for my high school experience. I grew and became a member of the small community. The intensive learning and small classes allowed me to use my time wisely and graduate early.
As a MEANS Student, I highly recommend this school for any high school student who is having difficulty integrating in traditional high schools.
I loved the duel enrollment program to take kvcc classes. Teachers are very suportive and creative with learning methods.
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