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Maimonides School is an top-notch Jewish Day School. The administration has made many recent, positive changes to its model. The academics - both general studies as well as Judaic studies - are top-notch; the teachers are warm and engaging - and they are incredibly dedicated to their students and to the school. The students at Maimonides are known to be true 'menches'. Definitely recommend!
My experience at Maimo is amazing. The staff cares about you a lot. There is an amazing community and I feel comfortable and safe here. It’s a great feeling to wake up and go to school knowing that I am getting the education I need and more. It’s also wonderful that I get the support I need to do what is best for me. Overall, my experience here has been great!
Was able to take high level classes that were challenging as well as participate in clubs and team sports. A small grade meant that we all shared ambitions, highs, lows, and inside jokes.
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Maimonides is good in many ways, but it still has many things it can improve on. It is certainly academically rigorous and has a great school culture, but the administration, food, and facilities could use some work.
Although Maimo has some issues with heating/ac, the school has an incredibly tight-knit community, friendly students, and good college prep. The school is what you make of it - if you put in the effort to make a relationship with your teachers, they will put in the energy and effort to help you reach your potential.
They are supportive of kids from all backgrounds and are great with IEPs and kids with special needs
Great School!! I highly recommend sending kids there. With time it will grow and reach number one overall. It just needs higher enrollment and it will get there!!
Maimonides is an excellent school for the right type of student. The high school provides a very rigorous academic experience, comparable to the top university undergraduate programs. The students get a lot of homework and are actively involved in a wide range of sports and clubs. The intensity of the program, and the relatively small grade size (~60 students / grade) produces a very tight-knit and socially connected community.
The school is the best
Cant imagine a better place!
My highschool is unique in being a close-knit community. The grades are small and most of the kids are there from kindergarten till senior year. You grow up with these kids and the same teachers. The teachers are there to help you do and be your best and even after you graduate you want to stay in touch. There's no where else I could have imagined going for my high school years.
The relationships students create with their students is invaluable and really cant be found anywhere else. The teachers really care about each student.
The building has large windows which make it hard for heat to stay in.
Each subject is very different but overall the teaching staff in general is good.
There was never really much need besides for a nurse if someone got sick and the standard fire evacuation and lockdown policies.
It's a small school and administrators know students on a first name basis and listen to what they students and parents have to say.
The rigorous dual curriculum and long day at Maimonides makes anything else seem easy.
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Students had the option of starting any club that they wished so long as it was an appropriate option and many clubs already existed.
Length of day and commute was tough
We don't have many choices because student body is so small
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