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This school is well rounded with a great environment. However your experience may vary depending on the way you perceive things.
I participated in sports, which allowed me to make a lot of new friends. Maiden always has something going on, whether it's a musical, a sporting event, or pep rally. There are so many great ways to connect with students and staff.
As a former student, I enjoyed my time at Maiden High School. I made so many memories and friends that will last a lifetime. Maiden high school definitely did their best making sure there were enough school activities for everyone to be involved, academic resources, and wonderful staff that made a difference in our lives.
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I think that Maiden High School cares about the students and family. The communication between teacher, admin, and parents is excellent.
Maiden's building is very nice compared to other local schools. It was recently built and the staff ensures its cleanliness. Most teachers are kind and open minded making it a fairly safe environment for people of color and LGBT students. Principal and staff have ways of deterring fights. Principal allows for smart lunch which is a nice way for students to keep up with any work they may have. It is enjoyable and allows for teachers to have extra teaching and studying time.
Maiden is a decent school. The teachers there are truly devoted to helping each student achieve their academic goals and be successful in school. They are vry good at answering questions in a way that help students understand the material. The current principal is AMAZING. He cares about the well-being of every student, is involved in all school activities, and builds relationships with everyone.
Maiden High School is the best high school in our area. There are many different learning opportunities for all students with different interests. Maiden makes each and every student feel accepted and welcome while supporting them with their goals.
Maiden high scool was a nice school to attend. The teachers are always there for you when you are going through a rough time.
I enjoy it and the people, I just wish there were more vigorous classes so that I could get ahead and stand out.
Maiden is a good school, full of teachers who are willing to help with anything you need both academically and college wise.
Maiden High School is an excellent school with motivated students and teacher who push others to be motivated.
I have been at Maiden High since my freshman year and it is an amazing school, where you get to know your teacher and classmates on a different level. We have a 4x4 school year which means we have 8 classes a year, and 4 classes a semester. We also have smart lunch which means we have an hour to either hangout or get extra help in classes you are struggling in. Maiden is a really great school you should really come to Maiden if you want to experience the same as i do.
Maiden is a very nice place to go to school, the atmosphere is great! Everybody has a lot of school spirit, and all of the teachers are amazing. They have so many awesome teachers and overall is a great place to go to school.
The sport opportunities available at Maiden High School are amazing and the school is very nice and new.
My school experience was fine. The school isn't anything special and I'm not crazy about how big and important sports are, especially football. I'd like to see more investment in art and maybe some more AP options. I did enjoy the Promised Scholars program they added.
What I like about maiden high school is that all of faculty member are very cold hearted on me. They will always look out for student that didn't wont nothing in life was always right there. Nothing should be changed cause the school is great.
Maiden High School is a good school. Ever since freshmen year, I have enjoyed every moment of the school. The principal/assistance principals, staffs, and students are welcoming and friendly. Maiden High School is a school to remember.
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I love maiden high school! The school is amazing, but I would like to see some discipline be better. Kids to evil stuff, and nothing ever happens
I liked the school as a whole. There are some teachers that do not teach and spend multiple days out per week. Other than that, very great school.
I like the CTE department at MHS- the teachers are very nice down that hall.
I wish though at MHS they wouldnt use money for Football, they could use that money for books or computers or other sports that need uniforms not just football.
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