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I am very lucky to have gone to Mahwah High School. Many others don’t have access to the quality education and resources available at my school. That being said, we are pushed very hard to achieve the best scores possible since we have such a good curriculum.
Mahwah high school supplied me with multiple avenues in which I could explore my abilities and create my future. With the hundreds of options of different academic courses with talented teaching staff gives you the opportunity to study what you want. The teachers that I have at Mahwah challenged me as a learner, making me work harder then I have in the past. Mahwah High School has done a great job preparing me for the future ahead.
I love this place, luv. The teachers here are the love of my life, luv. I love the sports and activities and I excell in math, luv. Women in STEM.
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The majority of the teachers are very helpful and create a good learning environment. The students are mostly welcoming as well, and you will always feel safe in this school. In addition, the sports programs are great for anyone who wants to stay fit or keep playing sports in college.
At Mahwah High School, I was involved in two different sports teams, several clubs, and excelled in my academics as well. This high school prepared me for college well. I was able to carry my study habits and desire for exceptional grades into my college experience and I found this trait to be monumental. Something I might change about Mahwah High School is the strictness of its' lack of extra credit oppotunities. While I am aware of the fact that the teachers at Mahwah High School are attempting to prepare students for all kinds of college experiences possible for every student, there is definitely room for at least a few extra credit opportunities to be provided. I have only completed one semester in college so far, yet I have had several opportunities to gain extra credit in just about each of my classes. This was something I had not been prepared for or used to having access to yet it made a huge difference in how my experience in each of my classes panned out.
Mahwah High School was okay, I attended the school for my last two years of high school and I feel they really prepared me for college, especially academics wise. Most of the teachers/ staff are great, but there are definitely some people that make you wonder how they're still working there. The administration and guidance departments in particular really need some help. Overall, I'm glad I went to MHS because the generally the school helped me prepare to further my education, and be prepared to take on most of the things that get thrown at you in college.
It is a great school with great teachers and staff. It has a great atmosphere and is a place where any child will succeed.
I like the teachers at Mahwah they really care about your future. Also, at Mahwah the teachers are always willing to help whenever you need it.
Mahwah is a strong high school academically and a great community of involved students. Mahwah high school also offers a large amount of different clubs and activities, both educational and fun. The course selection is varied and there are a good amount of honors and advanced placement classes that are offered. Most of the teachers are really strong and all teachers are willing to help the students if they need extra help outside of class. Safety and security of the students and the building is a top concern and Mahwah is very good about maintaining security and keeping parents informed if an incident occurs.
A great dedicated staff of teachers, scores of non-sports activities guided by talented staff, AP programs that produce results ( 4s and 5s on AP tests) and an atmosphere that facilitates dedication by students driven to excel while being conducive to an enjoyable and memorable student experience. My daughter ended up with 9 AP 4s and 5s and should get her masters in 4 years. Great acceptance rate last year at the nation's top 30 colleges and universities.
When I moved down to Mahwah, New Jersey, it opened a portal to a whole new learning environment. The staff really cares about their students education and push us and even me to do things I would have never wanted to know or learn.
Treatment of teachers by administration in general is pretty bad, but what else is new around here. Other than that, pretty great.
My experience as a Mahwah High School student is very fun and safe. In other words, the environment in Mahwah is very safe for many kids and the different activities make the high school a very fun place to be. Activities such as sports, the music program, and a variety of clubs, make Mahwah High School a very enjoyable place to be. Additionally, Mahwah High School does an extremely good job in preparing kids to go to college, and encountering the real world.
Mahwah HS is not the best high school when not preparing their Seniors for college. Their guidance counselors just don’t do their jobs correctly. Some teachers are great and others just should be better when teaching the course work to their students.
My experience at MHS was a very aspiring one. All the staff personnel were very friendly, and the guidance department did an outstanding job helping students with the college process and other topics the student body had trouble with. The one thing I would like to see change is the morning video announcements on Fridays. I wish for them to be more creatively put together and funny.
It's a very good school, there are a lot of opportunities to be able to become a great student. There are so many sports and activities in which you can get involved.
Mahwah High School, is a very good school, there is no arguing it. It is well funded, has good teachers, and the food is not terrible. Mahwah also isn't a poor community and it is obvious the schools benefit from it. However the high school, middle school, and one of the elementary schools, are all located on the same road, screwing up arrival and departure times.
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Mahwah High School is an okay school. Overall, the academics are challenging but a good amount of challenging as to prepare you for college and to push you to work harder and be the best you can be. The main problem I have with the school though is that it does not have a great guidance department and their treatment of transfer students is not great. Besides that it really is a great school with awesome teachers.
Mahwah High School was a great experience. Most of the teachers are nice and caring. They can give a lot of homework sometimes. Overall, high school was a good experience.
this school is a melting pot and I have made so many friends who I hope to carry with me on my journey through adulthood
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