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Mahtomedi Senior High School Reviews

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I really enjoyed the college level classes I was offered. I wish there was more diversity, and that students had a louder voice.
I think that Mahtomedi is great and does a really great job of teaching and providing its students with the material they need to grow.
Mahtomedi is a great school with amazing teachers and hardworking students. However, there is a lack of diversity and experience with diversity among students and faculty.
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Mahtomedi High School is an awesome school. I've been in multiple sports and activities through my 4 years and have made great friends. I feel prepared to begin college. Something that I would change would be to have more trade/shop/life classes, such as welding and woodworking.
A lot of people, you can find friend groups to join, teachers are good, but there are a few that are useless who you would want to switch out of if possible.
I like the different class options. I also like that it is not a huge school. I like the different sport and activity options.
Mahtomedi is academically excellent and the teachers are great. The opportunity for success and readiness for college is great. However, the student culture can be very negative , and there is little demographic diversity. There is also a high pressure that students feel there to excel.
Most of the teachers are very good and care about their students. Although admin gets ripped on a lot, they work hard to try to make improvements to the school and it’s students
Excellent teachers and high expectations for academics, good choices for extracurriculars. Good size about 300 students in each grade.
Every season of sports both boys and girls are very successful in the seasons and often times are able to make it to the playoffs and even State for their respective sports. Watching them is very entertaining and can take the load off from school work.
This school provides great a great environment for students to learn. There are top notch facilities for students interested in engineering. Sports facilities are great for any potential collegiate athletes. This is a safe area in a tight knit community.
Overall the experience at school was good. I feel the kids there always gave the feeling of being priveledged and I always wondered if it would be different at other schools. But in general I thought it was a good school and I got a good education there.
I have had a fantastic experience at Mahtomedi. Every teacher cares about me as a student. The school is set up for academic success. Each department has an amazing set of teachers. You can't go wrong with Mahtomedi High School.
It’s a small town school that provides a great education, the only problem is that the diversity remains very low within enrollment.
The academics are very good, and the teachers are very good too. There is alot for future stem students, especially for future engineers. The culture is reletively pleasent, I remember helping my friends in calculus even though we were all graded on the same curve. Most students go to college
Mahtomedi has always been a high rated school for academics but sometimes forgets about the students whom are in the middle of the ratio. I could have done better in school if I was pushed a little more from the teachers. I would like to see the teachers take a more involvement road with their students.
Mahtomedi High School is a blue ribbon awarded school, and they act like it. On a small scale, teachers are amazing and supportive, help is given to students who know who to reach out to for it, and I have made some amazing friends in my time here. However, my experience with the administration and school as a whole on the larger scale has never been anything less than toxic.
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One thing that I like about Mahtomedi Highschool is the school spirit that shines all throughout the town!
I went to Mahtomedi high school for 4 years. They have many good STEM programs at the school and also have a FAB lab. My favorite thing about the school was all the excellent teachers.
It’s been okay, there’s quite a few bullies and not the best people. But the education is good and the teachers are helpful
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