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The teachers at Mahopac High School really cared for their students, unlike the principals and superintendent. Majority of the announcements that the principal and vice principals made, the teachers didn't even agree. Such as having to sign in and out of bathrooms constantly, tracking students. Getting rid of book nooks where kids would go to do homework after school. The teachers and staff cared for students and heard their opinions on how to make the school better and happier place to be in, while councils did not.
Good experience with good teachers some better than others. Staff friendly and always wanted to make a connection even the hall monitors. Everyone had a place of belonging, everyone had there own little group bout then connect with everyone else’s group as well.
Mahopac High School has a variety of types of teachers and classes for the students to take. I have had a mostly positive experience with the teachers and staff at Mahopac High School.
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I'm currently a junior at Mahopac High School, and I think the school has done a good job in providing me with a good education and many options/opportunities. The teachers I have had were supportive and overall did a great job in helping me in my academic success. I have been surrounded by wonderful people, students and staff alike, and have enjoyed my years attending Mahopac High School. But, one thing I really want is increases diversity. The school is predominantly white and has a very small percentage of minority groups. I think having a larger group of minorities would make the atmosphere feel more inclusive. As a Korean American myself, there definitely have been times where I have been discriminated against or have felt out of place. But other than that, I can say that I am satisfied with the high school experience I have had thus far.
I am proud to be a student at mahopac high school ! It is a great school with the best teachers ! I am a High honor student and I owe it all to the teachers at Mahopac High School ! They offer so many wonderful programs and opportunities such as the AP program . I have taken several AP courses which may allow me to get credit toward the college that I want to attend . I feel that they have prepared me very well and set me up for success in college . I can’t say enough wonderful things about Mahopac High school ! I’m going to miss it but I am definitely proud to be a MHS graduate !
Love it here. It is a great school that prepares the student for the future. The faculty is nice and the students are friendly.
Mahopac High School has a plethora of options for us as students. They provide classes for individuals with different career interests. However, they can improve their SAT/ACT preparations.
My experience at Mahopac High School was very good. At Mahopac High School, education is their biggest priority. The teachers and staff are great and they are easy to talk to. The school gives the students many opportunities for success with academics, clubs, sports, music, art, etc. It has a welcoming community where people are able to express themselves while feeling comfortable. Overall, Mahopac High School allows students to get a good education in a healthy environment.
Mahopac High School is an educational facility that resides in the middle of a suburban community. Although the school does fairly well for a high school, I believe that there could be some improvements to the system. For instance, not a lot of money is directed towards the music and arts programs, and is concentrated towards the sports organizations. Perhaps if money was evenly distributed among the after school activities/clubs, there would be more diversity and a larger audience that would be interested in participating.
Heavy regulations on getting in/out of the cafeteria. Better control on vaping in the bathrooms. Require more review on teachers. Not everyone who is teaching there should be.
I was able to receive an average education from Mahopac High school, but mostly because I would stay after with other teachers; they would re-teach me what my current teachers could not.
Mahopac High School was an experience because it was a typical high school environment, with education as the biggest priority at most times with most people. The high school itself was large scale and there was many teachers who were helpful and created a wonderful and inclusive learning environment for students of all backgrounds, disabilities and learning types. The school allowed many opportunities for success and it gave students outlets to express themselves through arts, through academics and through athletics. It was a community where people felt welcome and where people were able to express themselves in ways that they never felt comfortable doing before and it was overall a healthy environment to be educated in.
Pretty decent High School. Academics were ok, but they really pushed Literature and Reading at you. Chem and Math Department was decent as well. The sports was crazy good, made me a better person because of it as well. Overall a pretty decent high school, but as an engineer I wish they would of prepared me a little better. A better mentality going into college and getting ready for the field would have benefited me a little more.
Overall, my experience with Mahopac High School has been beneficial. My skills in analysis and understanding of information have heightened over the years. The teachers here are helpful for the most part, and I've thrived in all of my subjects, especially in psychology, my favorite class to this date. However, the curriculum, especially in English, could be improved on to better prepare us for adult life. Rather than focusing on this, Mahopac High School has begun to integrate technology into the curriculum, although it seems unnecessary.
The art department was amazing! Teachers encouraged students their students to draw and paint whatever they wanted- there were no limitations! Art supplies were supplied to the student which was great because I'm broke now trying to buy my own art supplies.
The school has very good infrastructure but can be improved. The teachers can be either hit or miss. Either way helpful if you ask them for assistance. The food is okay. regular pizza with fries and cold sandwich, salad. Not much clubs to be involved in. You really have to go and find guidance for yourself.
I really enjoyed the idea of being included. If I was to change one thing it would be to include more special needs programs and involvement within the school and community.
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The school's atmosphere is great if you're not a minority. don't get me wrong the school is full of great People however, a lot of the teachers there make every situation awkward when dealing with people or color and often assume the worst. There are good teachers , but sometimes they appears as fake and don't truly care about students. I've met some of the best teachers who really do care and the ones who don't or are racist and take it out on things such as attendance, Grades and behavior. by now I am used to this discrimination but it must stop for the sake of future students of color
My high school experience has been phenomenal and I cannot say enough about the teachers, the staff and the curriculum afforded to me. They care about their students and it shows in their dedication and involvement.
The only thing I would change about this school is the school culture and some teachers have been very poor and others have been fantastic maybe it was just my learning style but some teachers i feel have to do there job better and care more for the job and their students
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