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Mahone Middle School Reviews

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Mahone Middle School has a lot of great teachers who go beyond the school day to make our community better. This staff helps with fundraisers, sporting events, extra help with homework and provide an environment for my child to feel safe and respected at.
Having attended this school all three years and graduating years ago, I can say my experience was good overall with some flaws here and there. I appreciate the school for all it has given me, allowing me to participate in it’s many clubs and activities. I was able to make good friends and enjoyed the layout of the school, unique from other institutions. I felt some teachers were qualified and enthusiastic while others.. not so much. I believe the school had been better in the past but is still an adequate institution now, just not exceptional.
I loved my experience at Mahone. I was very involved with choir. It prepared me for highschool choir. I have had many opportunities to travel with the choir.
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There are many safety measures this school follows. Mahone middle school does many practice drills to prepare students for actual emergency. This school also promotes children to report any suspicious activity going on in the school or any bullying taking place. The staff is very easy to confide in and make you feel safe.
Mahone provides many different clubs and groups for students. I was involved in photography club as well as numerous art clubs. There are many clubs for sports, as well as clubs for core classes. A lot of these clubs we'll help students benefit socially as well as academically.
This school provided me with vital information for my life currently. It gave me a better out look on how much music means to me. Band is one of my favorite things that I was involved with at Mahone Middle School. My band teacher at this middle school was very stressful but she showed me how important it is to continue what you love. This school values music and the kids who are involved in choir and orchastra as well.
The teachers at Mahoney middle school are very Engaged with the students. They provide extra help as needed, and give good instructions when conducting activities.
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