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Mahnomen Secondary School Reviews

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I like that it gives me my scholarships to apply for. But I don't like that I have to fill in all of my information all over again when I click on the scholarship.
I loved this school, but it's progressively gotten worse, because parents don't discipline their kids and the athletic(mostly white) kids are getting away with things they shouldn't.
It's a school on the reservation, and they do a good job, but that the Native American kids Don't really try and most just don't go to school, we have an Alternative Learning Center for those who can't make it to school every day and/or need to make up credits, so they provide the means to finish they just have to try. In that way the school does its best to help the students graduate.
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It could be better, if there were more clubs, than just the few they offer I would have tried more in school just to stay in the club.
This school has bad things and good things, but the older kids get along a lot better than the young ones, some of these questions on here aren't very specific so I answered to the best of my knowledge. I didn't enjoy because that is my own opinion, but it is a good school and a small town so the teacher will get to know you and know what to expect from you.
Very strict and not user friendly. I have quit eating it.
We have a strong tradition and great pride!
The classes are formed around the student's ability.
I love it here! Close knit school w/ small classes.
There's tons of sports you can join and it's fun to have a bonding experience with teammates.
We hardly get much food when it comes to lunch. They've taken away the... I guess you could say better foods that they served before and replaced them with foods kids won't even look at. Some lunches are better than others. We do have a salad bar but there's no much of an option to pick from there. We have vending machines, and those seem to be used the most.
There are some teachers who act like the students should know what they're teaching. If you ask a teacher for help, they will help you though. Each teacher knows what they're teaching.
There's one bathroom that needs some changes, but other than that, everything is updated to its best. We have lots of computers avaliable to students which is nice. Teachers are great tutors when you ask for help.
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