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As a parent as well as an employee of Maharishi School, over the course of ten years, I can honestly say, my experience has been a sweet and fulfilling one. Even in the midst of uncertain global circumstances, the school has acted swiftly and efficiently, on all grade levels, to maintain a connection with families, offering a full day's course load for my middle school student, remotely.

Having sent two children through the school, I credit a great deal of who they are becoming as burgeoning adults, to the social climate of the school. The smaller class sizes have enabled my children to receive a hand's on education, with much individualized attention that I did not myself receive growing up in a large suburban environment.

It's been an amazing journey, having the opportunity to work at the school my children attend and see firsthand what a small school in the middle of Iowa can accomplish!!!
Maharishi School is an excellent private school with a unique approach to education. Students are allowed and encouraged to explore and grow in all aspects of their own development. The school is a very safe environment for positive growth and there are many opportunities to nurture creativity.
My son started the preschool program when he was 20 months old. Right away I saw the teachers working with him on social/emotional learning, such as helping him with throwing, pushing and biting. As a single mom it has been an incredible gift to have the support of the school in raising my son!
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Maharishi School has been a significant part of raising our son in a caring and supportive way. The teachers are nurturing and encouraging. The friendships he has made are invaluable. The education he is receiving is top level. We are incredibly grateful to have our son grow up in an environment that encourages his creativity, his growth in academics, his empathy for others, and his desire to help make the world a better place. Maharishi School has also adapted to the changes due to the pandemic by providing a schedule of live, online classes. He is able to continue that connection with teachers and peers.
I love the people and formed good connections with most of my teachers and made lifelong friends. However, the academics can be lacking but they are on progress to be offering more difficult and interesting courses for their students.
Both my children attended Maharishi School from K-12 grade and it has been the best experience for them. My daughter having just completed her Masters degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture has her dream job in New Zealand. My son is finishing his degree in Software Engineering. Very proud of them and couldn't have doen it without Maharishi School.
My 2 daughters attended MS, K-12. They are now responsible and happy adults. They did very well academically both at Maharishi School and college, and graduate school for one (at Harvard no less) (the younger one is just now applying). The most satisfying outcomes are:

1) Their critical thinking skills in just about every situation. They see through surface values, understand core elements and openly address them. This applies to work, personal issues and family situations.

2) They are kind. They live and respond compassionately. This is not something they "work" at, but rather a way of living. The faculty and staff often exemplified these qualities.

3) They love learning; cognitive connection; to own what they learn. They take this to college, to life and into their careers.

4) They want to enjoy what they do, to be outstanding at it and be of value to others.

Maharishi School created the village that raised my kids.

Together we did a great job.
At Maharishi School, both of my children learned to engage deeply with academic subjects and think beyond the obvious surface level. They loved the project-based approach. The teachers also instilled healthy habits and supported their inner development through daily meditation. And the school keeps improving itself. This is an innovative education that supports the growth of young people into thoughtful, caring, and creative human beings. Yes, I recommend this school :-)
I Have 6 children who all graduated from Maharishi School, and now have 3 grand children attending the school. From start to finish this school has been a great gift for our family.

My children are all very successful strong, happy, and productive adults who have done remarkable things with their lives all over the world.

When it was time for my older children to start families they returned to our beautiful town to be sure their children were able to enjoy this education. They had the means and opportunity to send their children anywhere but chose this education.
That, to me, is the greatest endorsement for Maharishi School.
Great school. One of a kind with a truly expansive education. Teachers are first rate. The community that is committed to these students' success is truly remarkable.
Wonderful school with teachers who really care about the students and want them to learn and succeed. Great community and culture for all types of students, wether your passion is painting or physics, Maharishi School provides the environment and tools necessary for you to accomplish your goals.
I have two daughters, both of whom attended Maharishi School from pre-school through 12th grade. I think the thing I’m most grateful for doesn’t have anything to do with academics, although the School’s academics are very good. (Both of my daughters attended respected, highly-selected colleges.)

The nurturing atmosphere of the school and the TM technique cultured an attitude of kindness and care for others and for the world. They even have a motto that the students learn – The World is my Family.

Students graduate being grounded in themselves in the deepest sense. They leave as life-long learners and clear, critical thinkers. Honestly, I couldn’t recommend Maharishi School more highly!
Maharishi School has always been committed to a blend of researched best practices and the holistic development of its students. As an alum, I'm thrilled to see how the school has evolved to adopt project based learning, social emotional learning, and comprehensive health and sexuality education while maintaining small class sizes and college preparatory academics. It's fun to see many new faces among school faculty and staff, alongside familiar ones. I love that the school now emphasizes sustainability, social justice, and intercultural competency as important applications of its values.
Maharishi School definitely has its advantages. The amazing people, community, and lifestyles. I am also very impressed with the new dorms! It is helping the new students meet other students quicker!
But the school has quite a few things it still needs work on. The school day is very long, there is no sports program (except tennis), it is very expensive, and there are not that many students. The academics are still not very well put together.
Graduated in 2006, couldn't imagine a better school to have gone to. Fantastic people, I made the best friends in the world, would highly recommend.
Maharishi School is a great school that lets students excel without straining them too much. With a principal who really cares and teachers who (mostly) try their best to teach, Maharishi School is a great choice for those who wish to learn without too much stress.

However, Maharishi School is lacking as a "college preparatory school", as it only has 1 AP class and has only had that 1 AP class for 1 year. This puts students at a huge disadvantage in the college application process, since competitive students are taking multiple AP's a year on average.

Maharishi School's science department has also taken a hit in recent years, with the hiring of teachers who are not certified to teach and in some cases, fresh out of college.

Maharishi School's shortcomings in these areas is more or less made up for by the atmosphere and culture that exists at the school which also helps it stand out, and is definitely something that nurtures and helps students achieve the most that they can.
Maharishi School is excellent as it allows students to grow in knowledge and excel without being unduly stressed out as sadly occurs in so many schools today. The main contributor to this is the inclusion of Transcendental Meditation as a central feature of the school, which enables the students to enjoy very profound rest and also enhances their intelligence and creativity.

I also really appreciate the diversity of the school, the safe-space it offers generally, the low student-faculty ratios and its outstanding success in college acceptances!
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I love this school and feel it's a hidden gem in the cornfields of Iowa. The school is the heart of the Fairfield community and reflects the diversity, culture and the liveliness of the town. Students are confident in themselves, in their work and in their expressions of their own learning. There is a deep acceptance of others where students really care about one another. The friendships are deep. The students also have a meaningful relationship with their teachers, where they are seen as individuals, and respected and appreciated for who they are. It's a great place for a child to grow up!
Maharishi School truly does unfold the creative potential of every student, as evidenced by the unique success in world championship creative problem solving competitions, performing arts, and innovative science fair projects. The students are focused on getting to a good university, but because of the stress reduction technique of Transcendental Meditation that they all practice , this is accomplished without the usual stress and strain. A truly innovative school that is pioneering the future of education today.
The school has a lot of young, dedicated faculty who challenge the students while supporting them to do their best. Their robotics and rocketry clubs are top flight :)