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Mahanoy Area Junior-Senior High School Reviews

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I enjoy my time at Mahanoy Area. The teachers are always willing to help. There are also many sports, clubs, and activities. The academics are good and help me out a lot.
Unlike most schools, Mahanoy Area is a second home to me and many of my peers. Not many people could say this but I know almost everybody's name in our high school. My school has provided me with numerous opportunities to interact with everyone. I am happy to say that every teacher was more of a second parent to me. They helped me more than just with homework. I know when I walk out the front doors in June, my teachers and the district as a whole will have fully prepared me for what is to come.
It's mediocre at best; academics aren't where they should be.
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Almost everyone is accepted at school and just about everyone has an open mind.
We have a great trainer that works with athletes to improve everyday. There is much support from the student body and faculty during athletic events.
There are plenty of extracurricular opportunities for students and faculty to be involved in.
The school takes athletics very seriously
Don't have time to teach enough in the classroom
Mahanoy Area definitely prepared me for the transition from high school to college. I definitely feel like my high school AP English course was the most helpful in my freshman year English courses. The knowledge I retained from my AP course helped me have a slight advantage in my college courses. I feel very much prepared for the "real world" since I've graduated from Mahanoy Area.
The cafeteria always had a variety of options. There was a regular line that served the meal that was on the menu for that day, and there was a deli line that had a variety of soups salads and sandwiches to choose from. There was also fruit, yogurt, and vegetables available as snacks/desserts. There was a variety of drink choices as well, spanning from water, to iced tea, to powerade, to milk or chocolate milk. The cafeteria staff also made sure to accommodate for every special dietary needs of teachers and/or students. The cafeteria also had a variety of snacks, including chips, popcorn, rice crispie treats, apples, string cheese, or nutrigrain bars.
Mahanoy Area is an equal opportunity school district with very technologically up to date facilities, helpful guidance counselors, a decent number of college prep courses to choose from, and a variety of courses and electives. There is peer tutoring and also tutoring from teachers. The parents are very informed and involved in a variety of ways. Busing is very available and the drivers are very nice individuals.
guidance counselors are helpful, tutoring is available because I had it. No busing I have to walk it takes 20 minutes to get there.
I like being appeal to do 1/2 school year on my work and the other half at a vo-tech school.
I was a new student and I was accept right away.
This school is big on baseball and footbaall games, home games they have a parade down their main street.
Theres no soccer and we have to go to a trade school for wood.
Principal helps. guidence counselor is there for you.
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The guidance counselor never gets anything done. The building and facilities are a bit above average. For a small school we have two gyms which is great.
It is okay. That's all one can really say. It is not that the food tastes horrible. It's the fact that there is not much food to choose from.
Most of the teachers I had were great at what they do and were very passionate about teaching. A few on the other hand were not very knowledgeable and did not seem to care what they taught.
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