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Mahaffie Elementary School Reviews

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There are couple that are just fantastic and there a few that just don't want to give you the time of day.
They are old but kept up.
There is a policy and to some degree the district policy is good. How it is carried out by the staff is not very effective.
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They don't care for the well being of the children they are only concerned about how they look! They want people to "think they are doing a good job" even if they are not.
My older child got bullied by a teacher and the principal told me that we could transfer my son. I explained that this did not solve the problem. Reports later showed her bullying continued. The teacher was moved down to teach even younger students and eventually moved within the district. Not really resolving the problem. Our new school will have kids stay inside and move them out a few at a time when parents arrive during inclimate weather. This one will make them all stand outside. Poor care of students all the way around.
There is very limited activities for children. We ended up fighting the district to get our daughter transferred and at a school less than a mile away there were three times the activities available for even the younger age groups! Let us know what we had been missing out on. We also seemed to realize that we were not challenged in the classroom like we were at our new school. Very disappointing.
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