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So at my school there are a lot of extracurricular activities, for example there is the French Club, FBLA, Christian Club,

Spanish Club, Key Club, Volunteering Clubs, Musical Clubs, Sports Club's etc. I've always been pretty active in my High School. Right now I'm in NHS, French Honor Society, Key Club and I used to play soccer for 2 years. The Club's in my school are extremely fun!
We have many bullying programs, that have helped me understand how to handle it if it ever happened to me. In my school we've never really had that problem with having people acting mean towards other's. Like I said everyone is pretty nice. The Nurse is very helpful at my school; she even gives out candy which makes going to her the best! I always feel pretty safe in my school, the police in our school is always looking out for all of us, which makes going to school easy going.
My overall experience at my school will be unforgettable. I've really enjoyed everything about it. I've already taken 4 years of French and now finishing my year off my taking Spanish. The language teacher's are great! They make the learning experience fun and interesting. Everyone I've met throughout my high school year's have been extremely nice and fun to hang out with. I've never experienced a moment where I didn't like being at my school that I am right now. If I did have to say anything negative about it, maybe the lunch food could improve in some ways.
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The Teacher's at my school are phenomenal at teaching. In my four year's of high school, I've experienced a lot of important information needed for the outside world. So far all of my teacher's have been extremely respectful and helpful when it came to getting extra help. For example, when I was struggling in Math, my math teacher went out of her way to help me pass the Sol Test at the end of the year. I've really enjoyed going to school,and feel it's important to go forward on in life through education.
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